Friday, November 18, 2011

Seoul Forest

There is a cool huge park right in the city and along the river in Seoul.
There are a lot of different playgrounds through out, tennis, soccer, badminton,
deer park, horse stables, nature trails, eateries,and bike trails that take you to all of them.
So we went with a few families and had a fun morning.

We all rented bikes and cruised around.
fun at the park.
(notice that dave is the next one in line up there with all the korean school kids. ha)

I can't believe that jacob has such bad form here. Never have your knee past your ankle. ha.
Fun day.


Amie said...

What fun pics! And check you out in your skinny jeans... :)

GRodenberg said...

I was totally thinking about Jacob's knee being over his toes,,,,and you commented! Love the last pic-wish you were in it! Perfect Christmas card one. And I am so trying the sweet pot souffle! yum!