Tuesday, November 1, 2011

halloween happiness and more.

Do you have a big smile on your face right now?

Does it look like this?

Ammon was not happy about putting on this costume, but once he saw other people's reactions to him, he didn't mind so much. We walked from our house down to the community center and almost every car stopped and said how cute he is and waved. He was in heaven and just stopped on the sidewalk and waved at every one. He kept saying, "watching me, watching me."

Look at this ladies expression. It was the same with everyone we passed. You really just can't help but smile when you see him. He has such an expression of innocence, sweetness, and joy.
There were so many activities on base going on all day. This was one of them. Trick or Treating through some of the bldgs. on base.
Every Korean adult and kids wanted to have their picture taken with Ammon (or Pooh Bear, I should say). He was happy to oblige.
Heading over to the haunted house at the hospital across the street.
Pooh Bear is getting Poohped out. ha.

Jack and Sally.

I loved this costume.
A cereal killer. ha ha
The hospital haunted house was pretty crazy and super long. there were lots of crying kids. ha ha. There were three haunted houses on base. There was one in the dorms on base that we waited an hour and a half to go in. So fun. There really was so much going on we weren't able to do even half of all of the activities. I just love halloween!!
Rebecca and Rachel in their "80's" attire running games at the trunk or treat.
Jacob's girlfriend alex came too and was a pig in a blanket (pig nose, blanket wrapped around her). so creative. Rachel's friend was a ceiling fan. As in a fan (cheerleader) for ceilings. silly but creative and cute. This was the first year that i just didn't have it in my to dress up this year. I was so tired. how sad. It won't happen again. smile.
On the far right is Abby Adams. Her whole family dressed up as the "Adams Family" and they looked so awesome! I was so mad that my camera battery died before I got a picture of them all together. dang.

Leah and friend Rhonda.
Leah went to her school's halloween dance.
Her first Jr. High dance and had the absolute time of her life.
Rebecca didn't even go, she babysat for our neighbor instead.

So there you have it. A little halloween update.
Hope yours was just as cozy and spooky.

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