Sunday, November 13, 2011

Next Top Model

Leah and Lizzie were playing "next top model" and I was dying laughing.
Apparently when we were in Hawaii, Rachel and Rebecca watched it
while Dave and I were out to dinner.

Lizzie explained to me that it isn't about how pretty you are, but your uniqueness.
You know, your looks and poses, and how you express yourself.
Something new and exciting.
She does have that gangly thin look. She just would need to grow 3 feet taller. ha.
Lizzie told me that she just would want to model for like "Old Navy" since models don't
always wear modest clothing. But that would cut into her being a hot dog vendor plans.
She just told me that she will have to jog every day because hot dog vendors
usually aren't very thin because they eat what they sell. smile.

I think Leah's hair looks so cute here.
My sister Nicole gave her a really good cut this summer.
thanks coco.

Rachel and Rebecca just had to jump into their photo shoot.

This is lizzie being an ice skater ( what they played next).
They both put on socks and made up routines.
The tile being the ice.
So fun to be a kid.
I don't really have time for ice routines lately, but back in the day
I had some pretty sweet roller skating routines. We lived on the corner
and had a big sidewalk area on the corner. So we had a big L shaped routine
area to perform with a big area right in the center. We would
have the neighborhood boys judge our routines.
I was really proud of my deep squat with one leg out move as I went rolling by.
(do you know what i mean?)
I wonder if I could do that now. hmmmmm.

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GRodenberg said...

Remember the parade and Jenny and I wore her Mom's matching ice skating outfits, and skated around. You were Little Bo Peep pulling the sheep (Kenny)in the wagon... where did Mom get these ideas????