Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Italy here we come!

We got our orders yesterday to go to Aviano AFB
in Italy next summer.
Could this really be happening?
Spero di si.

The current branch president of our church is moving this summer from
Aviano and is making sure that we get his house.
He says it is the best house he has
seen for rent there and he has been there for 5 years.
It is a 7 bedroom home on many acres of property.
Here it is.
Just kidding.

This is the sanctuary of the Madonna del monte in aviano.
Aviano is just south of Venice.
Nestled in a beautiful valley with mountains surrounding as you
can see in the first pictures.
Amazing right?

Our rates will be reasonable. smile.
Italian speaking tour guide included.
Which means I better start seriously brushing up on my Italian.

Comment if you plan on coming to visit!!!!!

P.S. for more pics go and check out my friends Karlee and Dave Zollinger's
etsy shop. They are selling prints of all the amazing things that they
saw while traveling Europe when they lived in Aviano.


Dahlene said...

Oh my goodness! It looks amazing! Matt and I really want to come visit, but not sure if we can really afford the trip. If we have a free B&B maybe we can!

kelly said...

duh. yes.

Anonymous said...

Me... Me... Me.... I love Italy and would love to go back especially with Scott. And to have my own personal tour guide that makes everything so fun well that would just be awesome!!

GRodenberg said...

I am so there!!!!!

Mandee said...

I'm going to beg Grant and Kelly to let us come with them! I had no idea Italy looked like that!

cbo said...

We will be there!

heather said...


Britton & Jamie said...

That sounds AMAZING!!!! I'm jealous, I've never been to Italy, but I swear I was supposed to be born there! ;) We are actually wanting to plan an anniversary trip to Italy in 2012!!

ali said...

if I didn't like you so much, I'd totally hate you.

anitaladhani said...

I am definitely interested. Am looking for a fun vacation with my two boys (ages 10 -13. ) Keep me posted...



Anonymous said...

ci vediamo!!!!!! :)
xoxoxo che belle paese!!!!

sarawhat said...

So we were at Aviano for a week this past summer. BEST.BASE.EVER. Loved it. And the area around it is beautiful. And you're so close to Austria which is my favorite. And close to a great beach that we spent a lot of time at. And close to Venice which I'm obsessed with. And close to endless amounts of Gelato, which is to die for. Pretty much, I wish we could live at Aviano!