Thursday, September 22, 2011

i've been a very good girl.

So, you see this?!!!
I don't think this has ever happened!
Every last bit of laundry done!

Stacked and ready for the kids to put away.

I also have been making delicious meals every single night.
You heard me, a planned meal every single night. (three weeks running)
Unheard of!
This is one of my absolute favorites. Thai coconut chicken (it has lime in it of course).
I served it over brown rice. Although my joy in eating it was diminished
because my kids don't like it like I do. Made me mad. How could they not.
It is so incredibly divine. The recipe is in the surprise ward cookbook.
Kendra Stone's sister's recipe that she invented. love it!

Now this is the kicker. I am finally scrapbooking!!!! Yeah.
I think I have already filled two albums. I am working on 2004 pictures.
I am only a little behind. ha. I'll share some pages later.

Also, last night I taught a yoga class at the gym. I can't believe how happy
it made me feel. I did it spur of the moment. The teacher didn't show up because
he was sick, so I just volunteered because I really wanted to do yoga.
It was great because I didn't feel any pressure to be amazing.
I didn't even have music or anything.

I even made a delicious hot breakfast this morning, only to realize that all of the kids
can't eat because they are getting their blood drawn this morning. oops.
So they are coming home after to eat. They are being tested to see if they have
genetic high cholesterol like dave. We found out that jacob does, so we are getting
everyone tested. My heart sank when I first heard, but like everything in life...
it's all in God's hands. Fortunately, we are so blessed to be able to be proactive in
treating it, and knowing about it. Modern medicine is a gift.

Yeah, it's the weekend. Today is Lizzie's birthday party, jacob left for japan for football,
rebecca and leah have soccer games, life is good. Life is busy and happy.
And laundry free! (for one day)

happy friday!


debsfreckles said...


Kendra said...

Yay!!! You are my idol! I dream of being that productive...someday :) I'm so glad you love that recipe! I love it too. YUM!!!

kelly mccaleb said...

where is that last post about photos from the weekend? i loved it, i came to comment on it and it's gone. you look the same age as rachel in that pic of you and her and so skinny in that pic of you on the bike. we all miss ammon really bad. (oh k and everyone)