Saturday, September 17, 2011

thank heavens for personal revelation.

The topic for the visiting teaching message this month is on strengthening families by increasing spirituality. Sister Beck says..

I have felt that there has never been a greater need for increased faith and personal righteousness. There has never been a greater need for strong families and homes.”

Sisters can help create strong homes and families as they act on personal revelation. “The ability to qualify for, receive, and act on personal revelation is the single most important skill that can be acquired in this life,”

Personal revelation has saved me many a time. Here is a simple answer to prayer

that has changed my life. Because guess what? My kids like to argue with me, and they often
don't like to be told what to do. Can you even believe that? ha
Have you ever had to ask your children multiple (like a hundred) times to do something?
Me too, and times that by 6 kids. It is tiresome, frustrating etc etc. to say the least.
What's a mom to do? Why go in prayer to Heavenly Father. He always knows what to do.
Then bing, the ideas come to my mind. It's like the best free advice ever!

Anyway, my answer was the white boards for each kid.
Every day, I write their to do list, and any questions that I have for them.
They check off the list when they are done and answer my questions.
When they do everything that day, they get a star at the bottom (by me), and that
star is worth a dollar. They may have extra checks that they can earn by doing
something that they are struggling with like.... exercise, reading etc. That
has rewards connected with it. Whatever is best for that child.

Now my kids love!!!! to get their chores, and they love to check things off,
and they love to see what comments I have made to them. they love it.
It has seriously saved my voice (smile) and our home is a happier place.
I just can't say enough about it and how much the kids appreciate it.

Here are the kids boards from the first day of school. Except for Rachel's (i don't know why).
I love on Lizzie's how she asks what a semester is. I had just signed a contract
(Rachel makes me sign a written contract so i don't forget) that the kids will
receive a monetary reward for straight A's for the semester (which i highly
recommend for older children. it doesn't have to be that much. Again, kids just
love that kind of thing. I guess we all love rewards).
So lizzie explains that she is planning on getting straight A's, but what is a semester.
She is so dang cute. She always has the best questions for me on her board.

So, maybe this post will be an answer to one of your prayers (since God works like that you know). I think I put more parenthesis in my posts then anyone. I am so talented. ha ha.

P.S. they always love me to draw pictures for them too. I didn't so much on this day.


Lori said...

Love this idea! I'm stealing!

Teri said...

this is great.. as for monetary kids are always in for that!! They do get $5 per A at the end of the year..And if they have all A's they get an extra $10.. it may not seem like much. but they get super excited when they have all As! We miss your family in our ward!!