Sunday, September 11, 2011

Exercise Exercise Exercise

(post i wrote a week ago, and no this isn't dave. smile)

these are the last words I heard coming from the base wide loud speaker as I drifted off to sleep last night. Either I was really tired or the exercise (practicing for war) ended last night because all week i have been awakened by bugle calls, sirens, and very loud aircraft. Dave (and everyone else) can only be outside with full battle gear on, including all their stuff for chemical warfare. It looks so funny to see these guys walking around, while all around them are moms in shorts and tank tops pushing their strollers. We are all so used to it, and it is nothing out of the ordinary to see tanks coming down the street with everyone in full gear and coming out the tops of them with guns etc. It is comical, how no one even reacts. Plus it is like a full air show all the time. It really is so cool. And no one complains. The sounds of the F16's are the sounds of freedom, as so many say. Thank goodness for those willing to give up home, and comfort to give us this great gift of freedom.

I just watched the whole John Adams movie again this weekend, and I am full of gratitude. What a miracle that this great nation of ours was formed. Seriously, a miracle. Don't take for granted one day your ability to choose to live your life how you see fit. To think and believe how you would like to think and believe. To be able to voice your opinion and have it make a difference. What a new idea at the time it was for an ordinary citizen to preside over a country. And for each to take his turn in doing so. You know what it sounds like? God's way of doing things.

So are you watching the Republican debates? Aren't they good?

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