Tuesday, October 11, 2011

sundance. I heart you.

This summer we spent a lot of time in Utah. I love Utah. I love the mountains,
the shopping, the delicious restaurants, and most of all family.
I grew up in So. Cal, but now my Dad, Grandma, and two siblings live along the Wasatch front s
so we go there every summer to see them.

Now that the kids are getting older (jacob graduates this year), I am thinking a lot
about this moving often and living all over the world thing.
As much as I love travel and moving new places. I don't love them more than
being a part of my kids lives. I can't bear the thought of me living overseas and them
all being in college in the states, dating, getting married and having babies etc.
Dave can get out of the military in 6 years, and then what?
Where do we live?
We asked the kids where they want Grandma and Grandpa's house to be
(referring to us. smile. oooh i can't wait. Ammon should be 8 by then. ha ha)
Their reply was, "duhhhhhh UTAH! Where else?"
It seems to have become the new family gathering place. And I really want my
kids to attend BYU Provo, or Idaho.
Problem is Dave has said he will never live in Utah. But after this summer I
think I have him convinced to move there. It was the first time that I wanted
to move there to be honest. You know what won me over?
My sister Kelly, Rebecca and I went on a drive to sundance. I had just come back from
Tahoe (which I consider home) and was so sad that I couldn't live there every day
of my life. It is my favorite place on earth I think. It is so beautiful, smells so good,
and I have so many wonderful memories that all come together and wrap
me up like a warm blanket when I am there. Just breathing there is joyous!
(I wouldn't say that about Korea. ha ha).
But my family is in Utah, and Tahoe isn't really the best "raise a family" type of town.
So when we drove up to Sundance, I was filled with joy!
It was so beautiful. We had a yummy lunch, and walked around and just
drank in the sights and smells. I was so happy. I was ready to move to Utah that day.
Later, with just ammon I drove from Sundance all the way to American fork Canyon.
I cried i was so moved by it's beauty.
My sister said I don't want to live in Sundance because it is too hard in the winter.
I don't know. I think about it a lot.
Just last Sunday morning as we made breakfast together I said to Dave, "I wish we were in a cozy cabin in Sundance right now" with my arms draped around his neck
and all the charm i could muster.
And that he needs to save his monies to buy me a cabin in sundance.
You know. One with a gourmet kitchen, view, by the stream, and a fireplace next to my jetted tub. smile.
A girl can dream.
Love all these cute pics that my sister kelly took with her Iphone.
I just love my becca mary. We are best friends.


Lacey said...

I visited friends in utah in august and we saw a live production of the sound of music at the sundance theatre. It was SPECTACULAR!!!

ali said...

Utah is beautiful, and nothing beats the canyons in the summer! But man oh man, the winters are a killer. I think I'd prefer to live in California and visit Utah :)

ali said...
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debsfreckles said...

I saw these pictures when Kelly posted them on instagram and they made me so happy. I love your blog so much and when my kids grow up I want our family to be just like yours. Your blog gives me hope that there are wonderful things to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

i have missed you!!!! don't you ever wait that long to blog again! move to utah and we will too. how i have longed to talk to you lately to tell you my ploblems. cute photos!!!xoxox