Thursday, April 30, 2009

maternity photo shoot.

This is really the first official maternity shoot that I have done. I haven't really advertised that I do maternity because my idea for a maternity shoot is different than most, i think. So, here it is. You won't see any nudey shots, sorry. I loved how they turned out. Exactly what i was thinking. Jessica and I were on the same page.

i just love how the dog is looking up at them in this one.

her necklace was so cool. It said change, and breathe. Isn't that perfect.

i teased matt a lot about his love for his dog, jake. It was so cute. I would say, "ok, look at Jessica like she's jake (their first baby, really)." It made him give a genuine smile. ha. Thanks for being such a good sport Matt.

Jake, really is so cute though.

Can I just take a moment to say that I was never this cute pregnant. my arms were never skinny. In fact, nothing was skinny on me. I was just thinking of the one piece jumper that I had that was covered with fall colored leaves. It was like a huge camouflage suit. I don't think I could have hid from anyone, I was huge. I'll have to see if i have a picture of me in it. It will give you a good laugh for sure. How did I ever think that was cute!

i thought this one was fun.

poor jake, he has no idea what is coming!! ha ha
GUESS WHAT? I just got an email from Jessica explaining that she was glad that we moved up the photo shoot, because she had the baby 5 weeks early! A healthy baby girl name Sophia Jane. You will be seeing her soon! Congrats guys!


kelly said...

ooooo! very good!

Amie said...

wow, what timing! Great pics--I love the kissing-the-belly shot!

Leslie said...

great shots. I love them. I avoid the camera when I am preggers because I am seriously so bloated and yucky. I never look cute like her. But whatever. I am grateful to be having a baby!

Jay, Jen, Matt said...

I love the colors in these pictures...where were they taken? Your work is phenomonal!

Love the bench shot with her super cute orange shoes!

Lisa said...

i love them! they really turned out amazing! my favs are the one with the wall with cactus and the shadows! absolutly love it! and the one of their reflection in the glass door! amazing! thanks for sharing! :)

Teri said...

I get pretty chubbo when I'm pregnant..... I'm glad you took mine early!!even though you had to talk me into it!! well get better, we all miss your posts and awesome pics!!!

Anonymous said...

i too love the photos with the wall and the cacti in the foreground. i also love the door/glass shot too. who am i kidding, i loved them all! another great job--even when you are feeling lousy.
ps you crack me up with the word "nudey" and your camo maternity outfit!!!

Betsey said...

Heather, you are so talented! You really have a gift.

And congratulations on your own pregnancy!