Sunday, April 5, 2009

i'm going to write a book.

(i just need to change the cover picture to me in a robe, and laying on the couch. ha)

It will be called "What NOT TO expect when you are Expecting"

It will be a short easy read.

The first and only page will read "NOTHING!"

Seriously, is there a bodily function that is not messed with when you are pregnant?

I take:

zofran for nausea

laxatives for the constipation

rolaids for the heartburn

benadryl for the insomnia

gas-x for well, the gas.

prozac for the anxiety and irritability.

tylenol for the headaches.

anything I want for the cravings

popsicles and ice-cubes for the cotton mouth.

and the list goes on and on.

I'm a walking pharmacy.

But, I am very thankful. Number one, because having all these symptoms means that my body is busy making a baby, and two, because with my first baby my doctor wouldn't let me take anything!
I was a vomiting, constipated, chest burning, sleep deprived, starving, gassy, irritable, crazy woman! I knew Dave was the real deal when he was able to handle me that first year of marriage. It honestly was the worst year of my life. But look at what it brought. Jacob, who is the joy of my life.

Something else I have, that I didn't have than, are all these wonderful children to help me. Anything I want I just have to ask. Rachel has been especially amazing! So much so that Dave said to me that we should have each of our daughters home school for a year when they are Rachel's age so that they can learn how to run a home. She cooks, cleans, and does everything. I just give instructions from the couch. A far cry from when she was 2 years old and I was pregnant with Rebecca. She knew I was too sick to get up, so she would dump all the boxes of cereal on the ground, rummage around in the garage and do whatever she pleased. I remember clearly Dave coming home from work to me on the couch and the house as Rachel made. I just looked at him pitifully, and said sorry. Rachel was evil than. ha. She is more than making up for it now.

So you see, I am well taken care of in my confinement. Just don't expect to see me around for a while. I spent this past week cancelling my life. Which was hard, but had to be done. My only goals are to be kind to my family, and make sure everyone eats. Oh yeah, and I do drive them to and from school. These are all major accomplishments.

P.S. Wasn't conference awesome today?


ali said...

and to think, he or she is microscopic at this point!

cbo said...

I remember Rachel dumping the boxes of cereal! I can't even imagine what a huge help she will be when the baby arrives. You may only get to hold him/her to nurse!
I hope that you get feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

you crack me up!!! i am glad that you are in good hands! hang in there!

Dahlene said...

I can relate! I went through that mess 4 times. Zofran helps, but it's not a cure, huh? Hang in there. This too shall pass, even though it seems never ending. Congratulations on the baby! How exciting!

Amie said...

What happened to you feeling better on the zofran?

Anonymous said...

Can you really take Prozac while pregnant? I am going through fertility treatments and I had to go off my Lexapro for anxiety. I have tons of uncontrollable anxiety. :-/

heather said...

yes, the doctor said prozac is ok. and while zofran keeps me from throwing up. I still feel bad.

Anonymous said...

My last preganancy was so different than the first too, for so many of the same reasons. I am terribly sick when pregnant too. When I was 19 weeks and still loosing weight with Lexi (my firs) my doctor finally let me start taking unisom. With Gracie I started right away. (Have you tried unisom? It handles the nausea and the insomnia at the same time). Plus with Gracie I added B6, which made a HUGE difference. But I was MUCH more tired and low energy (NO energy) with Gracie. But the biggest difference is that when I cancelled my life with Gracie's pregnancy, I didn't feel guilty or frustrated like I had with my earlier pregnancies, I felt calm and grateful and enjoyed (something I never thought I could do) being pregnant. I hope you enjoy too!

Sher said...

Congrats! I hope your 1st trimester is bearable, I'm in my last week and man is it uncomfortable!