Monday, May 4, 2009

I have a new Dr.

This is what he is prescribing. I have never been a fan of carbonated drinks, and i have especially tried to steer clear of the caffeinated sort. So, my family (kelly) who we tease about NEEDING diet coke to survive, will be happy to know that i currently need diet dr. pepper to survive.
Remember how i told you that I have dry mouth. Well, i also have this disgusting taste that i can't get rid of and it drives me crazy. WEll, dr. p. seems to burn it out (literally, it burns). If i just keep sipping it, it keeps the yucky taste away.
One time When Kelly was babysitting my kids while we were out of town, every day she said that she needed to go and get her medicine. They took her very seriously until they found out that it was just diet coke. ha. Then Jacob thought it was so funny to tell kelly that it is a "soul constrictor" instead of a vessel constrictor (which is what caffeine is).
So, I guess i will have to get off my high horse and recognize it as a valid medication. ha ha.


kelly said...


nicole boice said...

my how the tables have turned

heather said...

did kelly call you and say you better comment? ha