Thursday, April 23, 2009

Add Leslie as a favorite for sure.

( I am so loving this bag.)

O.K., so as promised, I will reveal my source. As, I was reading comments on my sister's blog, i clicked on a comment by leslie to see if it was my good friend. It wasn't, but i sure am happy that i looked. Her blog is so awesome!! It is called "a room somewhere". You have to check it out. She puts on cool things that she finds on other websites and gives the link, and if there is a free giveaway, or sale etc. Every image is a treat for the eyes. That is where i found the dress for Lizzie. I put on here just a few that made my heart flutter.

so true. so true. i heart the beatles. Wouldn't Rebecca's hair look amazing like this?

i wish this were me. The hat, the blouse, the skinny arms. smile.

I wish i would have seen these before easter. I would have whipped them right up. ha ha.

simple and sweet.

this looks more like me.

photo shoot heaven.

i couldn't love this necklace more. Unfortunately, it was neither a giveaway, or on sale. frown.

fabulous. and no, i wouldn't wear the two together.

how can i not love this. All of my favorite jewelry has this color in it.

what delicious linens.

be still my heart.

love this.
i think i need these.

i love this style, though i couldn't pull it off.

i want these shoes bad.

So, go check it out for yourself. I love her taste, and she does all the work of looking for all this fabulous stuff, which i don't enjoy doing.

If you want to find other cool websites, seriously click on the people that comment on my sister kelly's blog. So many are crafters, and have really neat blogs. enjoy.

p.s. i just went to buy the dress and they are already out of lizzie's size!!!!! Why didn't i buy it last night? i am so so very sad.

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ali said...

what a great find! I think this post just cost me a couple hundred ;)

I love that skinny-armed woman's hat and blouse. Retro 30's is my fave!