Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm putting in my order.

The pictures on this post are all mixed up and crazy due to some technical difficulties (in other words, i am lame on the computer). But here is what you will see. I am going to do the baby room in my sister kelly's style, all white and tons of quilts. So that means, I need to call upon my sister's amazing talents and fill it with her baby quilts that I love. Here is a sampling of ones she has made (and I want of course). I also found this cute hand made mobile, and I thought adding a house or two instead of elephants would be nice, but I love the balls. Also, one of your signature baby books.

THe all white nursery's are ones I found on flikr. I want mine more simple. What do you think kell? Am I too demanding? Of course I am. I am your older sister. smile. Just send me the bill. I mean, send it to dave. ha ha.

To be honest, my wanting another baby sometimes was motivated purely by the desire to have a reason to buy every baby quilt my sister has ever made! Do you blame me?

PS-i felt well enough to go to church yesterday for the first time in a month, yeah me. It was so good to see friends faces, and be with all of my nursery sweeties. I missed them. Nursery is the best when you don't feel well. I could lay on the floor the whole time and do puzzles and play, and eat snacks the whole time! There were 8 girls and 2 boys yesterday and they are all angels. With all the ugly in the world. I am so glad there are these sweet little babies to help even things out.


Mandee said...

I love it all. It's so nice to have such amazing talent and great taste in the family.

I have the quilt with the green trim. Jack sleeps with it every night. It's my favorite!

And I am so excited that you are having a baby. I can't wait to see the nursery! You are finding out what you're having, aren't you?

heather said...


ABlack said...

So cute! If you want to do a mural on the wall I have a friend who does custom painting like that. She is AMAZING and lives super close. Let me know and I can have her email you some pictures. =)

Teri said...

so cute I love the vintage look of them!! I'm sure the room will be amazing :) call if you need help!!!

GRodenberg said...

love it love it....all of it! I have one of Kell's red and a blue one...the red is quilted already. The blue one isn't put together yet.

Christy said...

Beautiful! I know whatever you do will be lovely!

Mia was so happy to see "Sista Eyes" back at nursery. She adores you!! (Don't we all....) :)