Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Rachel and Jacob were just commiserating together how they have tried for so many years to move things using the force. I can't wait to show them this commercial. You know we are late at seeing things around here since we don't have tv.

You know what is real sad. I just learned last week that dave's car can do this. We have had it for 3 YEARS!!! How lame is that. I'm not known for my technical abilities and dave is certainly not known for his communication skills. ha ha.

P.S.-Glor, this could be Landon. His little hands move just the same.
PPS- I think I need me some star wars. I think it is time to start training young ammon in the ways of the force.


GRodenberg said...

i loved the little hands...maybe that's why! so cute

musikmama said...

love that!

Dahlene said...

That is so cute!! Thanks for sharing.