Thursday, February 24, 2011

Does this concern anyone else?

It is this mentality that is messing everything up!

Just do what feels good, not what is right. I am not talking about coca cola, but the fact that this is used as an advertising campaign says something. It is the same campaign that every one is using these days. It concerns me. Especially when doing the things that feel good often cloud our thinking even more. And then where are we?

That reminds me of something that happened years ago. Jacob and Rachel were little and I was biking in Tahoe with my dad around his neighborhood. Jacob and Rachel were in a bike trailer. Tahoe is notorious for not obeying the California leash law. Everyone lets their dogs run free around the neighborhood. It really is scary sometimes. This particular occasion we were casually riding and one such gentleman had his two huge dogs outside unleashed. He was out with them enjoying a beer. As we passed, these dogs started chasing my bike and were close and were scaring the kids to death (and me). These weren't friendly little dogs. They didn't stop when their owner called them either. My Dad was so mad he circled back and said something to the man whose only reply was, "Relax, have a beer." I thought to myself, "what, then we won't care either about putting people in danger with our dogs, or care if my children or injured." What kind of comment is that to make in such a situation? How about I'm sorry.

Anyway, i am just concerned. When we decide that how we feel is more important than doing what is right, or how it will affect others.....let me just say, it never leads to happiness. No matter how big or how small the situation.

there's my deep thought for the day. was that too heavy?
Just call me Heavy Heather (except for you grant, you will enjoy that one too much. ok that goes for anyone in my family. you already have too many names for me)

PS. I really am trying too on this. Dave and I usually go on a trip just us this time every year. I do feel the need, but I am really trying to do what is right and get out of debt first. Aren't I so good? ha ha. Oh, but hawaii and that tropical breeze is such a tempting siren.
i know not one of you feel sorry for me. i am way too blessed. which is true. I don't need no stinkin' hawaii. I'll just go and eat an oreo. (until next year that is.wink)


Amie said...

well said! I HATE the whole "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" etc. How about responsibility? Honesty? Integrity? Values? Morals? Ethics? Anyone? Thanks for sharing. :) VT Jenn in your ol' house this evening...always think of you. :)

ali said...

you are absolutely right. Right about that dangerous mentality that is so pervasive right now, and also right about me not feeling bad for you ;)

Spot on though-- good call.

GRodenberg said...

Those same dogs attacked me and the big boys on our bikes, and I was so mad I got off my bike, yelling and kicking at the dogs until they ran away! Dad wouldn't let me call the dog catcher people, whatever they're called, either. Total adrenaline Mamma Bear moment! :)