Friday, February 18, 2011

lunch box love

they have the coolest lunch boxes here. Rebecca wanted a korean lunch box real bad. Leah drew her name for Christmas and picked this one out for her. She loves it. She was so excited to pack up her cute little cubicles, and had to show me. You're invited to the viewing too. smile.

Even cuter than the lunch box. waaaaaay cuter.

She always reminds me of you nicole when she excitedly tells me about something.

love it.


Dahlene said...

She's so cute! I want one of those cute lunch boxes too.

Leslie said...

does she know how to eat applesauce with those chopsticks? darling photos of rebecca. she is secretly my favorite.

Teri said...

Craig walked by while I was looking at this..He said "ooh that lunch box is really cool!"

Deb said...

So... I know I don't really know you, but I am going to ask anyway. How much that cost and how much you think it might be to ship it to me in mesa. I have looked for a cool lunch box like that for my son and found nothing that cool. And his favorite color is orange and I don't know if you know anyone who loves the color orange, but usually it is a big deal.