Friday, March 26, 2010

hi, we're home.

I can't believe we were gone for two weeks. No wonder i am so tired, and so happy to be home. We had a great time as always. Ice skating was something new we did this trip, and i think we will do every time now. It was so much fun!! Maybe because we came late, they charged us less, and let us stay after the session ended. We had the place to ourselves. It was so awesome. This is the place they built for the Olympics and it is so nice. So if you are in Provo, you have to go! I highly recommend going to Provo bakery afterwards for some donuts. smile. There are more pictures on my sister's blog here.

Other fun things we did this trip.
went to thrift stores (savers i love you)
went to nickel world (a nickel arcade. it is now in a new location and so much nicer. it has laser tag now too).
went shopping. Did you know that they have children's clothing in the "forever 21" in the sandy mall?
went to Hagerman's deli. The turkey pomodoro is a must. a must, i tell you.
went to the humanitarian center for the lds church. Took the tour. So inspiring. i wanted my kids to see how awesome the humanitarian program is for our church. To see who benefits from all of the service projects we do. So amazing. i was humbled. i cried.
finally was able to get together with some of my cousins, aunt, and uncle. So fun!!
Met with some friends from Japan. Could have talked for days.
Got to see Kendra stone and her darling new house. so good to see you kendra!
Went to the dollar movie. (you have to take advantage of all the cheap utah deals. i love it. everything is so cheap for families there.)
and much much more.
Do you think i have pictures from all this? of course not. But kelly happened to bring her camera ice skating.
I did take pictures of one thing. I will share tomorrow.

It was hard to be gone 2 weeks from here. How am i going to move and do forever. i won't think about that now.

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Anonymous said...

glad you're back!!!!
can't wait to see what the "one" pictures is.......... :)
ciao ciao!!!