Wednesday, March 10, 2010

bathtime today.

There is nothing better than a clean, sweet smelling baby boy. Well, besides naked baby buns. (Considered yourself warned. I do have a bun fetish, much to Dave's disliking. smile.)

I spent the whole morning just enjoying this little baby boy. Taking all the time I wanted to talk and coo over ammon as i bathed, and dressed him. It was heaven, and I am so glad I grabbed my camera and captured some of the sweetness that i feel when i am with him. i just love this little man so much. He is just the right plumpness right now. He is so like jacob at this age with his low voice, broad shoulders, and blue eyes. Every day with him is a gift.

every expression is priceless to me.

this is the only time when cellulite is cute. ha.
"Motherrrrrr, you're embarrassing me."

o.k. only one more.

i love when they discover their friend in the mirror.

all dressed and having his first photography lesson. Now we are off to visit new baby Scout Black, go visiting teaching, and to the gym.


ali said...

Beautiful Heather :)

Kendra said...

Love him! Love you too!

Dahlene said...

So Sweet!!

ABlack said...

These are so cute! Thanks for coming to see me and Scout, I love getting visits. =)

Anonymous said...

i LOVE all these photos! how lucky for everyone that you are a photographer and can take these amazing photos with a few clicks. of course i always love your subtitles too!!!

GRodenberg said...

love the feet one. SO YUMMY!

Amie said...

So cute!! He sure looks like Leah!

Britt said...

So adorable! He is a keeper! I have a fettish with baby buns myself. I think Shyler believes me ill when he sees me softly pinching Coy's on a diaper change (after his bum is clean, mind you). So, Korea and then Italy...WOW. What an adventure. We're not even in AZ anymore, but your impending absence from our beloved Surprise 1st ward makes my heart a bit sad. This is what happens when you impact people for the better...they miss you before you're gone. Or they miss you before you leave the place where they USED to live. ;)