Thursday, March 11, 2010

Korea, home sweet home.

So, we are on the road again. We thought we would never be able to live overseas again because of Dave's health. We had finally convinced ourselves it was ok, and made that mental switch. We bought a house and were really starting to settle in. We really love it here in Arizona. We love the weather, the location, but mostly the people. I can't think about that part too much. Leaving behind so many dear dear friends. But this is so the military. Nothing is ever for sure. About a month ago we got an email from the new assignments officer letting us know that we won't be able to stay in AZ till Dave gets out of the military like they previously told us (the old assignments officer). The roller coaster ride began. Can we go overseas?, what is available?, can dave get a waiver for my health? etc. etc. FINALLY AN ANSWER!!!

We will go to Korea for two years and than to Italy for four years. We are pretty excited. We really do love to experience new cultures and travel travel travel. The kids are ecstatic (except for Leah, who for some reason has it in her mind that Koreans are mean. ha ha). How could you not like traveling to Okinawa, all over japan etc. for your sporting events in school. The parents can hop on too if there is room. How cool is that. I can't wait to go to Thailand, and take the kids to China with us this time. Plus many many more places. We gather around the atlas a lot these days.

We will leave this summer (probably in August). I plan to party every day until we move. Just enjoy every moment with the people here that we love, and visiting family.
I am pretty sure that dave and I will be joining in with the natives and doing this in no time. Isn't this a cool mall? Want to come shopping in Korea?

Or how about touring some old palaces?

Who needs Central Park? ha.

Outside the city the countryside really is green and pretty. Very similar I am sure to Japan.

Soon I will be bartering with the locals. J/K, I will be at the commissary thank you. Actually, I think enjoying the local culture is the best part.
So are you shocked? I haven't even had time to really think about it actually. We just found out for sure today.
Well, It will be fun to share my experiences and pictures with you through the blog. I don't know that we will have visitors pounding down our door (apartment door) in Korea, but in two years we will be in Italy. I have a feeling people will all of a sudden start really missing us then. ha ha.
So there is the big news. I know you are all wondering what we are going to do with our house. You want to buy it? And yes, it does make me very sad to leave my kitchen. very sad. But luckily, i can take my family with me so all will be well. smile. I learned long ago that your house and belongings don't make a difference whether you are happy or not. Family and life experiences do. So, we are selling the house if we can sell it for enough to get all the money we just put into it. If not, the Weechs have already called dibs on renting it.
Now we are off to Utah for spring break. fun fun. I told you I would be non-stop partying. Did you doubt me?
OH, AND THE BEST NEWS OF ALL! I CAN TAKE SO MANY THINGS OFF OF MY TO DO LIST, LIKE ORGANIZING THE GARAGE. YES! I don't even have to worry about packing. The military does it. woo-hoo.


Sonishka said...


I thought I went crazy when I packed my stuff and went to live to Australia, 16 oookm from home, but you re tougher!
I like your attitude.
You remind me of Betty Mc Donald's mum as she described her in her books. She moved around States following her mining husband with all their kids and they lived happilly ever after.
Well go enjoy the Brangelina lifestyle ;-))

Jessi said...

What an adventure!! You are so brave. I think I would be curled up in fetal position at the thought. But I'm so excited for you and hope you'll keep posting on your blog.

Christine said...

So excited and so sad all at the same time! I'll totally come visit you in Korea, we can go to lunch and share some Bulgogi, so yummy. My college roommate was Korean and I use to love looking at the photos dreaming of visiting. So we may very well knock on your door :) We'll miss you guys tons, but it's only a temporary state - you'll come back to the sunny side sometime for a Paradise Bakery fix!

cbo said...

Talk about a huge change!
I am excited for you and we may just have to come and visit you in Italy!
My uncle is the current mission president in South Korea but he leaves this summer. They have had wonderful experiences and their kids/grandkids have all been over to visit. They all love it there!
It definitely sounds like it will be an adventure!

ali said...

Wow! That is exciting!! And shocking. And I'm jealous.


Good luck!!!

keri said...

Yippee for you! Sad for us!! I am just excited that you finally know... so you can "move on" ha.

And your right... I will wait to "miss you" until you get to Italy!

Lori said...

WOW! Big news! You are such a trooper.

Two places on my to visit list. Maybe by the time your in Italy I will actually be able to do it. Have so much fun. I don't know if relief society will be the same with out you?

Bennions said...

Wow, adventure is your middle name. I am sure this will be an awesome experience for your family. How fun to return to Italy. Good Luck.

Teri said...

wowzers...well I am unlike a lot of these people... I more than likely wont be visiting you in Italy... I am sure thats a pretty penny to travel there! but I sure will miss you.... keep up with your blog so we can all see what you're up to!!! oh ya and Ammon is ridiculously cute!!! love that picture below!!! Can you leave him here..We will take him!!!

Anonymous said...

what? you never told me about korea!!!! does that mean that the temple won't be done until two years? puo darsi????? ma chi n'e saccio io!!!!!! ;) what will you do with all of your big and fancy furniture? have fun in utah!
ciao ciao!!!! ammon is ADORABLE!!!!

Natalie said...

I want to comment - but I'm still in shock. I'll be so sad to see you go! I never get to see you as it is, and I'm only 20 minutes away at this point! :( I think it's really great for your family to be able to do and experience so much! That's just wonderful. But, oh, how you'll be missed :( Let's make sure that one day is a party where we're together! :)

The Olsen Crew said...

I've been following your blog for almost 2 years now- your photography is so inspiring and I love your passion for life!
My husband pins on 1st Lt. in the Air Force this May. We're right now at Wright Patterson AFB. We're actually exploring the possibility of doing a 2-year accompanied to Korea so that we can pick our follow-on... most likely Germany- we're desperate to get overseas!!
I'm so excited for you! Good luck and keep the pictures and stories comin'!

Dahlene said...

I'm glad you are excited about this. I don't think I could be. You are right though, the house and your belongings don't matter...just your family. I'm sure you will have many great and exciting adventures there. Good luck!

GRodenberg said...

pahty pahty. And I will so come to Korea. AND, I got my best antique furniture in Seoul. Shoppy shoppy!

Leslie said...

super cool! lance went to korea on his mission so we love the people and the food! oh so delicious! kim chi for breakfast and you'll smell like garlic for the next two years! i'm so excited for you! ammon's buns are so cute. boys have small buns, alexus has a big ole bootie! she is 5 months old today! where does the time go?

sarawhat said...

So we have some good friends from here who just moved to Korea for two years. They love it over there and seem really happy. If you want an email adress I'm sure you could drill her with questions and they would be a great resource for you guys. Where in Italy? Aviano? We're heading down there next month...I'll let you know what we think! I'm really excited for you guys. You're going to LOOOOOVE europe.

sarawhat said...

Here is her blog adress:

heather said...

debbie, hope we see you over there!!!

G-rant said...

thanks sara

Amie said...

Wow I am so shocked!! I'm glad you're excited--you were made for this kind of life. Guess we need to get in all the visiting teaching we can! :)