Wednesday, February 17, 2010

so much for the simple life.

Does your to do list/goals look like mine?

EVERY DAY-do diet, work out, drink 8 glasses of water, pray on knees, read scriptures (catch up on my Book of Mormon reading schedule. I am only a month behind. ah.), make healthy meals, take dietary supplements. Have hot cereal ready for my kids for breakfast every morning. stick to my budget (after i make one).

do visiting teaching, organize garage, call....(insert the names of at least 20 people who are on my mind), sell van and motorcycle, finish work on house, hang pictures and curtains, start working on DOTERRA (a new business venture), returns to numerous stores and people, Pull weeds.

have special time with each child (i.e. play board game, go on walk together, read together, play tennis, shop, cook etc.) Keep up family goals of visiting the elderly once a month, going to the temple with older kids every 3 months, no sarcasm in family. Talk kindly to my children, treat them lovingly and with respect. Scriptures and prayer as a family every night. Do family home evening lessons from the gospel principles book.


Share my love for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Always carry a copy of the Book of Mormon to share with others. Work on my calling at church, and on that talk I have to give. Tie quilts for humanitarian aide. Volunteer at the high school. Help friends who have been on my mind. Have my neighbors over for dinner. Invite new people at church over.

schedule all those appointments for things like the dentist, orthodontist, doctor, parent teacher conferences etc., get a pedicure with my grandma. print my pictures and scrapbook (i am only 4 years behind. smile).

oh yah... be a better wife. That is a whole separate to do list.

Do I dare say I am photographing again???? Do laundry and the never ending cleaning. Never mind, just schedule the cleaning lady. ha. Read all the books in our library cabinet that I haven't yet. practice violin. Teach myself cello and viola. Start piano lessons again?

Repent, and try to do better after I yell at my kids and i'm mean to my husband, and don't make dinner, and watch t.v. all night instead of all the good things i should be doing.

Here's to another day of trying the best i can.


Teri said...

I have totally been struggling with this lately...Its like a torture we do to ourselves..There is no possible way we can get all of this done!!! But I see some people doing better at some of the things I want to do...even though they have totally different circumstances than then I compare..And that is even more torture!HAA! I have decided I just need to be patient with myself...I know my kids are only little so long..and that time is passing by so fast so I will focus on the little things with them..... Good Luck Heather!!! You're awesome!

Kendra said...

Ah, and there it is in a nutshell. Is there one woman in the church who does not feel this way? I have yet to meet her. At least there is consolation in knowing we are all in the same boat, and comfort in knowing we are not content with our current state of being. We have the promptings to be better, to do more. Now, if I can just come us with an action plan that I can stick to!

I love you Heather!

Jessi said...

So true.

ali said...

sing it sister. Especially that part about thinking before I speak.

Leslie said...

your list is very similar to mine except for the violin part and starting a new business. i need to get lance some of those tattoos. he's always writing on his hand. love you!

kelly said...

yes, that's what my list looks like everyday, and that's why i hate bed time because my day actually only consisted of eating and watching tv. going to sleep solidifies it. ugh.

Amie said...

We are a constant work in progress, aren't we?! Admitting it is half the battle. Well, maybe 10%.

musikmama said...

Wow! So glad to know I'm not the only one struggling with that. Our lists are very similar. I get to some of them. It's way more fun to practice piano than to fold laundry or scrub toilets, so maybe you could start on that one. Love you! joanna

Anonymous said...

thanks for overwhelming me.....:)
ciao ciao..

GRodenberg said...

isn't that life? why do we have to make a list of it? and yet i do too. are you really eating healthy, drinking water and taking supplements? i've been slipping in that dpt lately. ugh

maia said...

looks identical to my list. no kidding. which makes me feel really good to know i am not the only one with a list that long. :) thanks.