Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Perfect combination.

All the kids in bed. House picked up. I'm ready to watch american idol and savor one of my absolute favorite treats, texas sheet cake ala summer haught (the haughts always save some for me whenever they make it because they know it is my favorite and they really just couldn't find a more appreciative recipient. and by the way summer, you outdid yourself this time. It is THE BEST I have EVER EVER tasted FOR REALSES, as rachel would say). Are you english majors cringing after those last few sentences? ha. I'm a punctuation rebel. I'll admit it. Anyway, back to the story. I realize I haven't taken my dietary supplements today (remember on the goal/to do list). I thought them a perfect combination. Maybe the supplements will offset all the damage. smile. And by the way. I dare you to find a better supplement then these by DoTerra. I mean, I pretty much think that my cellular vitality is off the charts. smile.

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