Tuesday, February 2, 2010

see teri, you're a natural.

Teri kept apologizing the whole photo shoot that she wasn't comfortable in front of the camera. You would never know from the pictures. Am I right, or am i right?

i love this one.

love it.

30 looks good on you teri!
So, all you ladies who are embarrassed in front of the camera.....just give me one hour with you and I will show you just how incredibly beautiful you are!!! (at any age i might add)


Amie said...

Ooh that sounds like quite a dare! You might be busier than you'd planned pretty soon!! :)

These are great shots and of course, Teri is beautiful!

Teri said...

Thanks Heather!!!!I knew you'd make me look good!!HA!! I really love them:)

Natalie said...

teri, you are beautiful! Heather, glad to see your work again. i've missed it:).

ali said...

you are right Heather! Those turned out amazing. I bet Teri's husband loves them :)