Wednesday, February 3, 2010

good things about today

1. I was so inspired by watching "the biggest loser" (my family's favorite show), that I went to the gym first thing this morning and did two classes. A power step, and a pilates class. I have never done two classes in a row before. I felt quite proud. It felt a little bit like a last chance workout. So when I got home I had a "weigh in". I had gained three pounds. ha ha. That's why I need to keep this up. I have been eating pie, ice-cream, cookies etc. for every meal. Rachel was on a chocolate chip cookie making kick for a week. We were all sick, but she perfected the skill. I wish I had one right now in fact.
2. The rest of the day, I spent a lot of time snuggling my baby. Of course, that is what I do every day. He is such a snuggle bug.
3. I had 4 cavities filled. Ok, so it is a good thing that it is done and over with.
4. This next one is good and sad. We may be moving this summer. Could be Korea, Germany, or Cocoa Beach Florida. But that is a whole other long story that I can't even think or talk about for two weeks when we know for sure.
5.My hubby took me out to dinner because I was craving the little chimis and rootbeer from that mexican restaurant that is next to the movie theatre. REally, really, those two items are the best there. Plus they are so so nice at this restaurant. The best service. And yes, I had a dessert. The flan was so delightful.
6. I talked to my Grandma and she is coming to visit again for two weeks. "SICK" -that's what Jacob said when I told him. The new way to say that something is super cool. I just hope that "sick" in the real meaning isn't a premonition of how I will be feeling this time. Last year when she came to stay I found out I was pregnant and went into the hospital with kidney stones the first day she was here. Then I struggled with Nausea the rest of the time. She is anxious to meet ammon and "play with the kids" she told me on the phone. The woman is almost 90, and she can't wait to play with my kids. Man, I love her.
7. Last but not least......Marlene Fenton dropped off a cheesecake for Dave, for helping her. But he's asleep, and it's been over 4 hours since my last dessert. I think that might just be the perfect end to this day. Especially if I eat it while watching wheel of fortune. I am obsessed with Wheel of Fortune lately. I love tivo.
PS. Nancy, if you are reading this.....I forgot to call you today to see if you did your assignment. You better have or kill kill kill (mrs. hannigan voice). love ya.
PPS. If you think I didn't have any bad things about today, you are mistaken. Like all good husbands, Dave let me vent about the negative and then took me out to dinner to lift my spirits. Thanks my darling. You are a good thing about every day. Except when I am mad at you. smile.
What were the good things about your day? Pray tell.


sarawhat said...

please come and live in Germany.

Amie said...

MOVING?! I thought Dave's heart was keeping him here for a while!! :(

I'm with ya with the desserts...I have a giant 25lb box of chocolate chips in my extra freezer. Every time I walk near it I grab a handful. It's like a dozen mini candybars at once....*heaven*

cbo said...

Good things in my life:
my husband and kids
sunshine--when we can see it
preschool--my turn to teach

ali said...

good things? Getting my computer back and learning a valuable lesson ;)

I think you should move to Utah.

Jesika said...

Yesterday was a great day! I completed day #3 of my February goals! Such a good feeling! :o)

Teri said...

moving??? ya ya I know you said you didnt want to talk about it...sheesh you just got into that beautiful house!!! fin fin I'll stop bothering you :) have a super day!!!
My great thing for now is Madi is finally down for a nap:) peace and quiet... oh man I wish I had a little baby to snuggle right about now!!!!

Wong's Paradise said...

Dear Heather,
You are amazing... Our wonderful day was the birth of our eighth grandson... Kegan Kekoa... He is adorable of course.. Now that I have 8 grandkids, could you introduce me to an excellent camera to capture each and everyone of them? Miss you guys.... Denine Wong

Becca Mary said...

Mom u wernt supost to tell anyon about moving!!!!! :)

nicole boice said...

now rebeecca is even enforcing rules on the web. hahaha. florida please!! then fly me out there. smile. your comment on my blog was quite possibly the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. it made me choked up, and my day.

Christine said...

Um I'm going to say the best thing about today was cuddling with my baby after taking a walk. That was the cat's pajamas :)

And moving is not permitted, so I will not be dealing with this information right now, so there.

Kendra said...

WHAT?!!! I mean, I know I moved away, but at least I see you at Costco frequently! DON'T GO!!! The thought of it makes my heart hurt. :( I miss you. Are you coming to Utah any time soon? I've dicovered an amzing bakery. I will take you there every day if you come visit.

Anonymous said...

ciao ciao!
i was wondering why you didn't "follow-up." your missionary skills are a little rusty. eh? :) we are snowed in. it's amazing how much snow there is! so you may be moving? yikes! i love this photo of you and ammon. who took it? it's very nice. so nice talking to you the other day. you're the best gladdy.
tua nunzia
ps your daughter's comment cracked me up!!!!!!!!!!!! (rebecca's?)

GRodenberg said...

got your special delivery just in time! haha. CALL ME. BTW I was in the security line next to Curtis Stone, the Biggest Loser chef, in the LaGuardia airport coming home Friday. He was going to Miami. Super tall and cute and I was trying to slyly take a pic with my phone, and then at the gate I saw him discreetly picking his nose...we're all the same deep down, aren't we?

Natalie said...

Dear Gloria,

Curtis Stone would never pick his nose. I can't believe such nonsense. People can say anything on the web. sheesh...;) (and I bet it was an itch. Definitely an itch.)

your friend,