Monday, February 15, 2010

our lovin' weekend.

Saturday morning Jacob called me from his room, telling me to come and see how cozy he and ammon were. They were all snuggled up in his bed, and Jacob was sharing his baby blanket (yes that he still sleeps with. smile) with ammon. Of course, i ran to get my camera. They were too cozy and cute to pass up.

I continued the tradition this year to take the girls to a romantic ballet on Valentine's day weekend. This year we went with friends!

Note to self. Next time feed the kids before we go. Here is Lizzie crying after the performance because she is so hungry. She then cried after we ate because she ate too much. sheesh.
I love this picture because of the black and white with splashes of yellow throughout. Isn't that cool. Not even planned. smile.

After church on Sunday we went on our annual (3rd year running) trip up to Flagstaff to sled with the Nielsens. We visit Sunday evening, and sled on the Monday holiday.
Here we are singing away to "scripture scouts". If you haven't heard of the scripture scouts, they are so so awesome and I highly recommend them. They can be found at Deseret Book.

The weather was so beautiful up there. Jacob made Rachel take pictures of him, Tatum and Preston snowboarding off jumps. They thought they were pretty cool.
What did Dave and I do for Valentine's day? That is none of your business. smile.
Hope your weekend was filled with lots of love too!!


Amie said...

So so precious pics of Jacob and Ammon!!

GRodenberg said...

and to think we were there when jacob strapped on his first snowboard in japan! ahhhh...time has flown by

ali said...

TMI Heather!! Love the Snowboard pic, the sky is an amazing shade of blue

heather said...

tmi is my signature style. ha

JENN said...

No fair! i tried to get that same picture and some cranky lady behind me yelled at me to put my camera away it wasn't allowed and it was distracting!!! how lame. I got one picture of one ballerina:(

JENN said...


Anonymous said...

i enjoyed all these pictures!!!! too cute!!!!!!!!
ciao ciao!!!!