Saturday, February 20, 2010

Have you heard of doTERRA?

How about essential oils?
Are you looking for an amazing business opportunity?

doTerra is a new company that was formed with the intent to produce the most pure and potent essential oils in the world. It succeeded.

One of my best friends Teresa Harding first told me about this company a year and a half ago before it's official launch just last October. Her brother in law David Stirling is the president of the company. She was so excited about it and knew that this company was going to be hugely successful because of the integrity of the people starting it and the integrity of the oils. She wanted me to jump right in with her and help start the business. I was too swamped with photography jobs at the time and then I got pregnant and was useless. She has held my place for me on her team all this time until I was ready to get involved. She didn't waste time though. She now has the largest organization in the company and is hugely successful herself. I am so proud of her. Dave teases her and tells her she is "doterrin' it up." Her husband and kids have a better one. They call her a DoTerrorist. ha ha.

But here is the great news. Teresa is coming to Phoenix! woo-hoo.

If you are interested in learning how to use essential oils, come to my house on Friday morning at 10am (children welcome) or Friday evening at 7pm.

If you have been hit by this crazy economy and are looking for an amazing business opportunity, stay for the 8pm informational meeting on Friday night.

You know why this is an amazing business opportunity? How often do you get the chance to be on the top tier of a company that is just starting that is going to be hugely successful. You'll see what I am talking about at the meeting.

If you can't make it to either of these, Teresa will be here until Saturday and we can make arrangements.

To give you an example of what the oils can do.....just today Jacob woke up without a voice. I gave him lemon and frankincense a couple of times and tonight it is just fine. He also has been managing his asthma by putting a blend of oils called breathe on his chest every night. He also relieves his headaches and sore knees and ankles from sports with a blend called deep blue. Rachel has had bad acne for a year and we have tried everything, including antibiotics. Then I heard that the oil Melaleuca will clear it up. She has been using it for a week and her face has never looked better. I can't get over it. I was such a skeptic. The oils aren't a miracle cure for all things. They aren't a replacement for medical care when needed, but they sure can help you be more self sufficient instead of running to urgent care for every little thing. They aren't anything new. They have been around for thousands of years (think of the gifts the wise men brought to baby Jesus). They are a natural way to treat our bodies ills, and improve our health. That is why the company's name is doTerra. It means "gift from the earth." So come learn more. They may be just what you need to lower your health care costs, or the means to help with a physical ailment you have. Teresa first started using essential oils after she learned that they stopped her niece's seizures that she had been having for two years, and the doctors had tried everything to stop them. ARe you intrigued? I am. I can't wait to experiment on my family. smile. Next, on the list. Dave's acid reflux. He can't take the medicine that he used to use (that worked) because they just found out that it lessens the efficacy of his heart medicine that he has to take. It is really fun getting to play doctor. smile.

email me and let me know if you are coming asap at You are welcome to bring others of course. I can't wait.

Oh yah, and check out the company for lots of info here.


Teri said...

count me in for the 10 am thursday:) fun!

Christine said...

I'll be there in the evening :)

Bennions said...

Heather, I just started using Doterra in January and we are having a fun time experimenting with all the fun benefits. I just had a quick question. What did they use for the seizures? We have a friend who is trying all kinds of things to help her daughter that is 10. It would be nice to know something that might help her. Tif

heather said...

What her niece used was Frankincense. They rubbed it on the bottom of her feet every morning and night. But Teresa said she would be doing it like five times a day if it were her child.