Wednesday, May 20, 2009

just because i heart her.

my lizzie is always content. It takes a lot to ruffle her feathers. She happily goes about life, not causing a fuss. Because of this i sometimes don't notice all of the little wonderful things that make her, her. She is constantly making some clever and witty little comment in response to all of her siblings ramblings. She notices everything. She is a details girl. She does this funny little laugh after everything she says. Really, she does. She makes a hard "K" sound at the end of "ing" words. I don't know why. She will happily help you at any time. She has thick thick hair like her aunt Coco. She is so excited to give her presentation on England at school. She has been practicing it every day for a week. She makes every one in our family happy. We love her.


Dahlene said...

She is so cute. She looks just like you.

heather said...

that is the highest of compliments dahlene.

kelly said...

she really is so pretty. "uh uh that's weiurd"