Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This morning..

I read Nie Nie dialogues post. And I am so glad I did. This is what i wanted to email her (below), but it said that it was more than 300 characters, so i was out of luck. I have been so moved by her whole journey, but I have never commented or said anything. I felt so inclined today. Thanks Nie.

"i was uplifted and inspired as i cried reading your post this morning. I get so mad at myself when i let my trials get the better of me. I feel like i don't learn anything and i don't improve one iota. You seem to bear it so much more gracefully, and i am hopeful that i can do better today and be nicer. You see, when i don't feel well, i get ornery, impatient, and sometimes down right mean. And my pain and suffering is absolutely nothing compared to yours. Does your pain ever bring out the worst in you? Anyway, i am going to have a little chat with my five little precious children on my bed today too. And apologize for not always being strong enough to be nice through the misery that is me right now. They are so precious and beautiful. They will forgive as they always do and love me more. But today, thanks to you, i am given fresh motivation to be better. To be stronger. Thank you. My prayers will continue to be with you and your family. I know Heavenly Father has big plans for your family too. I think this blog is a big part of it. It's reach and influence is more powerful than you probably realize. Hang in there. Eat an extra cupcake for me.-heather"


Kendra said...

Heather, Stephanie's sister-in-law is a good friend. If you like, I can e mail your note to her and have her forward it to Stephanie.

I am feeling the same way. I feel so guilty when my worst self comes out at my children when I am not feeling well. It's like I expect them to understand how I'm feeling, and be perfect because they know I can't handle one more thing. I need to have the talk with them too. They are so precious.

On a different note, is your family ready for some more Chili? Or I could bring something else. Let me bring you some dinner!

Anonymous said...

her e-mail address is on the front of her blog. it is:
i think she'd love this...

monique said...

I love reading her posts, even now. I'm sure she is suffering horribly but still you can see that light in her coming through all the darkness. I hope you sent this off to her. I hope she realizes that one big thing that has happened is that she continues to affect so many people in such a good way, in a way that would make our Heavenly Father proud.