Wednesday, May 13, 2009

after disneyland......

it's off to the beach and making a run for the water. I remember so clearly growing up in southern cal. and those hot summer days my mom would wake us up early to do our chores (we didn't have air conditioning), and than as the day heated up we would jump in the car to head down to the beach. By the time we arrived we were hot and sweaty (the car had no air conditioning) and couldn't get out of the car fast enough. We would run as fast as we could (the sand was hot) and throw our towels and whatever we had to carry and keep running straight to the water. It was the best feeling ever!! And I think back in the day, i did look like ms. mary, truth be told. Of course, my hair was brown. I wouldn't get out of the water until we were called in to head home at about 2-3pm so we wouldn't hit the rush hour traffic. You really didn't want to sit in traffic (remember no a/c). Yah, those were the days.

Not living that close to the beach stinks, but I am so happy we live as close as we do and can visit fairly easily. So if you decide to come to so. cal with us, this is part of the itinerary.

(no, you don't have to pose with dave on the beach.)but you do get to make a trip with us to the yummiest donut shop. Do you see it? Seaside donuts. You can get 12 donut holes for a buck! And they are so very scrumptious. (i take it back. I never looked as good as ms. mary. My sisters and I all covet her figure. Can you blame us?)

the spoils have arrived.

now for some frisbee,

building sand castles,

and hangin out. This is my cousin Lynnelle's baby, and what mine look like.

anyone for a chorus line?

have i convinced you to come yet?
P.S. Can you believe that smog in the first picture? The brown haze. Gross. My other beach pictures were take on the Oregon Coast. No smog there. Don't worry it is still fabulous.


Mandee said...

I immediately recognized that donut shop and Perry's Pizza... Balboa right? There is a little restaurant down the way called Charlie's Chili- and they have some delicious sourdough french toast! You should try it!

oh, and if you're going to be in that area, the merry-go-round ride at Fashion Island also includes a free kids meal at California Pizza Kitchen, and Red Robin, AND a coupon for Haggen Daz.

Have fun!

heather said...

thanks mandee for the great tips.

Sher said...

I have to agree there's nothing like memories of the beach. I grew up going to northern cali beaches. And beach pictures are soo fun! It's been too long since I've been! looks like a blast! :)

Dahlene said...

I just love your pictures. What a fun time at the beach. It makes me want to go. I love your story about growing up with no a/c and the wonderful times at the beach. Such fun.