Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Baby

I went up to check on the kids before I went to bed and I beheld the sweetest site. My little baby Lizzie asleep in Christmas jammies from last year and reindeer antlers on her head. Her angel face just melts my heart!
But then I looked down beside her bed. She always has a huge junky mess. And yes, the rest of the room looks like this too. I almost can't even go in when it is like this or I get so mad. When they clean their room we always find everything that we are missing and have been looking for. But it is a pretty intensive to clean their room. So just glancing down what did I find?

I better just focus on her sweet angel face!


pakosta said...

awwww how sweet!
except the mess that is LOL! i just went through my girls rooms yesterday with them, we dumped out like 10 baskets/bins and organized them all....but hey, at least its because they play and are creative right?!

Anonymous said...

how come kids look so adorable...when they're asleep??? :) she is a cutie. love those full lips! you can tell she's your baby!

Lori C said...

I am so glad Lizzie is in my primary class. She is absolutly the cutest, and makes me smile every Sunday. Even the one's that I'm a little sad because I have to miss releif society. I don't want to admit I have favorites. But if you forced me to, I would admit she is definetly one of them. Lori Calhoun

Mandee said...

I need to know where you got her bed! She's darling!