Monday, November 10, 2008

Best night ever!

Saturday night Dave, Jacob, Rachel and I went to the temple together. It seriously was one of those moments in parenthood that make every hard moment worth it. All four of us in the temple, dressed in white, sitting together all cozy, wrapped up in the spirit. smile. We all leaned in close and I whispered, (we whisper in the temple) "This is why I want us to always talk kindly, only have positive things playing on the TV, and good music in our home. So our home can feel like this!" They finally got it! How can I describe the feeling? It is like you are slathered up in love and happiness. You know all those happy good feelings you have at Disneyland? It is better than that! smile. It seriously is the happiest place on earth. As we walked out Dave said, "that was one of the best nights of my life." I totally agree. I think Jacob and Rachel did too since as we got in the car Jacob said, "So, are we going to do this once a month?"

And just for you Grant, we bought at the bookstore the John Bytheway collection, and listened to his talk "turn off the TV and get a life" on the way home. ha ha. I know you are so so jealous. Ok, maybe not of that, but definitely the bacon, guacamole cheeseburger that we ate at Islands. yum!


Leslie said...

Super cool. Hope we can do that as parents someday too!

Anonymous said...

that does sound like a memorable evening--a double date!! :)