Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm home.

I got home after midnight last night and found this note placed strategically on the floor right as I walked in. When I went to "tuc" Lizzie in, she woke up a little and asked sleepily, "Did you get my note?" I love that little girl.

OK, I just had an incredible three days! The "love affair workshop" was everything I hoped for and more. I learned so so much and I feel so empowered, motivated, and excited. Now I just need to put into practice everything that I learned. The four photographers that put it on were... Davina Fear, Kelly Moore, Millie Holloman, and Lauren Clark. You can google them if you want. I am too lazy to look up the links right now. They were fabulous!

Here are some pictures I took while there. I have a million more, but they will have to wait.
They were the cutest couple! I loved them! Both were 20 and going to school in San Diego. They aren't professional models, but I think they could be!

practicing motion

They were short on people to model and a girl that worked at the hotel said she would fill in! She did great!Trying different lighting.

This place was amazing! I wanted to buy every dessert in there. But I was good.

My favorite part about this place was the front door. Isn't it awesome! If I ever have a photography studio, it will have this door! LOVE IT!

and here is for you Kelly. They had the cutest hand made baby shoes. You have to make these!

Here I am in my favorite spot. Cozy in my hotel room bed and practicing doing manual exposure. This hotel was really awesome. It is called the "W" hotel. So everything went along with the theme of starting with a "W". The details of this hotel were so great. I should have take more pictures of them all. I was pretty wasted and tired though.
WEll, now I am off to my bed. We are going to the zoo in the morning, and than going to friends to watch the BYU game. GO COUGARS!!!!!!


Nancy Mitchell Photography said...

How exciting...can't wait to see more! I am soo jealous. Maybe next year, I will be able to attend:)

OneHappyfamily said...

How do you make your pics so large on your blog? Share... Please...

Anonymous said...

me so happy you back!!!!
fum nancy :)
ps we must talk soon and i want to talk photography too. could i be your assistant???

My name is Lexi said...

i really like the last picture

kelly said...

really like off the charts wow.

GRodenberg said...

White, Weally Bare, Weally modern....what else started with W??? haha you did samazing shots as usual!

GRodenberg said...

or should I say, Wamazing!

Melanie said...

You are living my dream life. One day when my kids are older I will be able to flit off to classes - you are so lucky. Great photos!

heather said...

One happy family, to make your pictures larger is a hard process if you are like me and computer impaired. A favorite photographer of mine Rebeckah westover wrote step by step on her blog how to do it. Google her and than search on her blog for it. It was awhile ago.
And MElli, Your day will come. Give it five years when you reach my ripe old age. smile.