Wednesday, May 18, 2011

jacob in the news

dave and i are in phuket (thailand) and of course having a fabulous time, but I am so sad that i am missing this! Jacob's soccer team is playing in the far east tournament all week and doing really well. If they win their game tomorrow they will be in the finals! Jacob wanted to win this tournament so bad! He has been rallying his team to victory. He is good at that. I've said it before and i will say it again. This kid has heart. His coach told him that he has to back off in playing because the other players were backing off thinking "jacob will just get it", and everyone needs to play their position. Jacob is the type that the coaches love, and I would think would be totally annoying to the other players, except they can't help but like him too. He is genuine, and really wants to do well, and help the whole team do well.
I am so proud of you jacob!
I will be praying for you!
and cheering you on in my thoughts as i ride the waves. smile.
P.S.-and don't forget to do all of your chores this week, be nice to your siblings. etc.
(ha ha, i just couldn't resist)
PPS-so weird. blogger went down for a few hours and when it came back up my last post was permanently erased. Very annoying. I worked hard putting down all those feelings. smile.
oh well, i am sure i will have many more. ha
PPPS-I came down to the internet cafe at my hotel in my robe. It is now pouring rain outside. I mean monsoon pouring rain. help!