Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i like my job....

..and i couldn't be happier.

I am being naughty and dave is mad because i let rebecca stay home from school. I can't help it, she is just so cozy! and c'mon it is only half day today. Our plans, you ask? daily routine, exercise, perhaps some nail doing, catch up on biggest loser and american idol. We are so very busy! hee hee.

Leah and Lizzie have big plans after school. They were invited to a "doing nails" party.
Rachel's opening night is tonight for the high school play.
Jacob is babysitting for the family of four rowdy boys that loveeee him.
All of the kids are making so much money babysitting now that we are on base. They all babysit every week at least once. They are saving all of their money to buy school clothes in the states this summer. Although jacob's has gone to prom, and dating. Jacob has introduced the concept of dating to the locals, and he is in high demand.

Me, I am along for the ride. It is my joy to watch them learn, grow, and have fun through all of their life experiences. I love to stay up late and discuss life with the older ones, and when we are all together, just talking and laughing.

Dave and I are really having fun talking about the future, our plans etc. We are really excited. I told him he has to hold on at least a good 20 years. No dying allowed. he went to the doctor recently and all is functioning perfectly. smile.

PS-I am doing really good on my budget. After we sell the car, we won't have any monthly set payments for anything except our phones and Internet i think. Amazing huh?
SAVE SAVE SAVE. Yes, it is a new concept for me. Tyler Boice you have been my inspiration. Well, you and Dave Ramsey. smile.

Hey, it is the holiday weekend? The big excitement here is that the air conditioning was turned on in the apts. on base, and the base pool opens with all kinds of activities. Also, pirates is playing at the base theatre. Monday with our church family (seriously, they are our family here) we are going to Malipo beach to play and bbq.

What are your plans for the weekend? What things are you excited about in your life?
What simple pleasures are you happy about right now? Please share. I miss you all!!

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kelly said...

you look really young and skinny. we are excited for you guys to get here. the dance studio down the street is having open enrollment weekly classes for the summer. do you plan on being too busy or should we have cate leah lizzie take a tumbling class or jazz or something for a month? what day are you coming/leaving?