Monday, May 9, 2011


For dave's 43rd birthday he wanted to bungee jump. There just happens to be the 3rd tallest bungee jump in Asia a couple of hours from our house, in a beautiful mountain area.

Our adrenaline seeking friends Tashina and Brandon came with us.
OK, so maybe not tashina. Her husband just made her do it. She said she didn't sleep at
all the whole night before, and was shaky the whole day after.
It was a gorgeous day and we were the only ones there.

They actually had three different thrill seeking rides. I thought they
wouldn't be as scary, boy was i surprised. No one else was there
so we really didn't know what the other rides did. Let me take you along for the
ride. You miss out on the free fall feeling i'm afraid. (lucky you).

So the first one was called "The big swing". I am smiling here because I thought, "how fun. All four of us strapped together and swinging back and forth like superman."
but then.....

they kept pulling us higher...
and higher, and I said what are they doing, I thought we were just going to swing.
The guys thought that was funny. Silly heather, we drop first. What!!!!!!

they cranked us all the way up to where you bungee jump practically. That is when I
decided to close my eyes and just try to relax my stomach. I really don't like
the feeling of free falling.

Apparently Dave and Brandon do!

After the fall, it was cool swinging back and forth, but a bit painful if you ask me.
The swing turned out to be dave's favorite of the day.

Next was the "Ejection Seat"
they put you in this cage and strap you in tight.
the guy could barely speak english, and with the few words he knew
he said when explaining to just hold on to the handles and touch nothing else,
"Danger Danger, people die, 2007 (does a hand signal showing how they flung out
over the mountain), touch nothing."
It was very comforting.

then they raise you up,

and shoot you like a a stone in a sling shot. Let me tell you, it is quite shocking.
It completely took my breath away. I couldn't even scream. Dave and i
were just frozen in fear (ok me fear, him ecstasy).

then you keep going up and down, up and down, rolling all around in your cage.
Yes, it was crazy. And dave's favorite of the day.

On to the finale, the big jump. I happily declined to go after the last two.
I got all the free fall that i need, and i am not really into discomfort, and it
looked way too painful.
I felt quite happy on the ground photographing the other three.

Brandon actually went last, but i wanted you to get the overall look and feel.
And he was the only one that i used the wide angle lens on.

Look at that. How far a fall. He yelled, "superman......." as he jumped out.

Then boingggggg. Isn't that hysterical.

I was so proud of Tashina. She even went first. She said she felt
like she was going to die, and just kept her eyes closed the whole time.


but so cool, right?
this looks like an umbilical cord. ha

Yeah tashina, you did it! (and didn't die)

and then the old man.

no closed eyes here.

this one is my favorite.

A happy birthday boy.

get me down from here! my shoulder, and ankles hurt.

I was asking dave later, why he had his arms like that. Duh, i totally
forgot that he just had shoulder surgery. What the heck is he doing
bungee jumping!

So that's it! We all survived. And I felt very satisfied with
my decision to not do the bungee, since it was no ones favorite.
But seeing as the other two weren't my favorite thing either.....

I told the boys on the way there that my kind of adrenaline rush
happens when I go into a really good tjmax,
or i'm reading a book at the beach, with a pina colada,
and someone brings me a cold towel to wipe my face, and take my
order for a delicious lunch.

Speaking of which......guess where I will be next week at this time???
sneak peek tomorrow.


G-rant said...

I'm real jealous, I've been asking kelly if she would let me go. We shall see.

Amie said... way...NO how. You are super brave to do what you did!

Teri said...

that is so crazy! what a great wife you are!!

ABlack said...

Oh my gosh Heather that looks crazy. I wanted to puke just looking at the pictures! Glad you had a great time, tell Dave Happy late Bday!

Courtney said...

Holy cow you all are crazy!! Tell Dave Happy Birthday:)

ali said...

I like your idea of an adrenaline rush too. I would also add being in a fabulous fabric store.

I don't understand anyone wanting to bungee jump. I think it's fundamentally unnatural ;)

nicole boice said...

i cannot express to you in words how hard i was laughing at the sequence of pictures at the beginning. your face so happy and joyful, looking forward to swinging... and then the picture of you looking sooooooo much like mom and/or kelly with your hand over your face and your expression. when i saw that picture i laughed soooooo hard. and then i went back to it all day so i could laugh again. hahaha. also, watching dave jump off the tower, i can see where leah gets her diving skills- haha. they are twins.

GRodenberg said...

you are such an awesome wife!

Anonymous said...

YIKES!!!! i bet jacob would have loved that!! do you know our life ins. is no good if we were to die doing that? did you check into it? :)

lisa carr said...

Happy, happy birthday Dave!

Hand over eyes is my favorite pic.

Love you guys!