Saturday, November 20, 2010

our scary halloween.

The scariest thing around is rebecca's horribly messy room. She isn't that concerned.
this may be even scarier. I found this picture on my computer. Not sure when this was taken.
Every year i say i am going to make halloween cookies, finally we did. We still haven't done the caramel apples or the chocolate suckers. Next year right? (these were decorated by lizzie)
this cookie that Leah decorated was my favorite.

he's still my little boy.
Remember that cute baby pirate? Here are his skallywag of a mom and dad. DAve coveted Ammon's outfit real bad. Ammon had a captain uniform and dave looks like the deck hand. ha ha. (you know how he really truly wants to be a pirate, poor tortured soul.)
by the way, this is at the branch trunk or treat/chili cook off/carnival.
love the poses. love these girls.
They had a haunted hospital and it was pretty good I must say. I wish I would have taken pictures all through out. Above we are waiting to go in and below as we walked out. Can you tell me what movie is playing on the tv in the background?
I love Justin's costume here. Justin and his two teenage sisters just moved to germany. Now my two girls are the only young women in the branch.

Lizzie being Lizzie.
Bless her heart, Leah really wanted to be a "pretty witch," she told me. With our rushing out the door and changing in the car in between soccer practice, and a football game, and leah being...well Leah, it is more like the misfit witch. She is so funny.

Maybe I can move onto november now. Nah, I still have more to catch up on.

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Just stumpled upon your blog by accident. Gorgeous photos xx