Wednesday, November 17, 2010

catching up

While football is now over, and jacob just found out yesterday that he made the varsity basketball team (woo-hoo!), I still wanted to update the fam (grandpa's request) on the kids activities.

The kids really are so involved and thriving. I am so proud of them. I can't believe how much they all have grown in every sense of the word this year. My little garden has really blossomed. The Korean climate must be just what they needed, and with a little fertilization, weed pulling, and lots of sun, I think us two imperfect gardeners aren't doing too bad. Maybe we have green thumbs after all.

These pics are from one of the last football practices. Their homecoming game, and last game of the season was Oct. 29th.
I took these as I was sitting in the car waiting for them. Hence the railing. smile.
Everyone stopping for the 5:30pm playing of the national anthem. Love it.

there's jacob in the center, talkin it up, what he does best. I wonder where he got that?
Ammon worked the crowd too. All of the cheerleaders love him, he is such a flirt.

This is the only picture that I took of the game because I was video taping the whole time. I would put on a clip of the game if I weren't so lame with technology. WHY???Well, that and I am screaming so much it is embarrassing on the best clips.
You see, Jacob had quite the game. By the end of the season so many of their starters weren't able to play because of grades, as each starter didn't come they tried jacob in the position. Lo, and behold, he was great at everything they put him in. I drove one day to practice and they have him in a punting contest. He kicked farther than anyone and I hear one of the players say, "Ives can do everything!" I remind Jacob often where he gets his skills. smile.
Anyway, this last game he played so many different positions and only came out for one play of the game. He was pretty sore the next day, but wow what a game! They played him for the first time as a receiver and he made two touchdowns. Their team had never previously made more than one touchdown in a game. He had a fumble recovery, an interception, kicked almost every ball, and made a lot of the tackles. It started to be funny, even the announcer after a complete pass he made said, "Pass completed by, you guessed it Jacob Ives." We were dying laughing. You should have seen Dave's face. I have never seen him look so proud, and you have never heard me cheer so loud! ha ha. It was fun.
Now, don't be thinking that Jacob is going to play in college or anything. He is just in a small school. They never won a game, and Jacob really was upset by it because they work so hard every day practicing. I get it, but explained to him that it really is about playing and having fun (although he insists having fun=winning). Where else would he be able to play as much and have the opportunity to play so many different positions. There is no way that he could have just walked on the team where we were living in Arizona, with no prior experience and him a junior, and been given the time of day by any coach. What a cool thing that he can be taught and given a chance without all the politics as well, and totally devoting yourself to just one sport (which they often expect). He is so sad though because both volleyball and tennis are at the same time as football. The boys volleyball actually won for all of Korea. Tempting for next year but I think the football coach wouldn't be too happy.
Oh yes, and Rachel did great cheering too. Can you pick her out? ha ha. She is the only blonde. They got a lot of laughs in their half time dance because they copied some of the moves from a popular korean music video. Again, if I can figure the whole video thing out, I may just post it. But don't get your hopes up.
So what is jacob's pre- game routine for success. Lots of food, a long shower, and lovins from his favorite roommate and fan.

Saturday night the 30th was the homecoming dance, and jacob's first date. This is his beautiful date Kenzie, who is currently the only mormon girl that is dating age in his high school. Jacob is currently the only boy of dating age (16+). ha ha. Not that he can't date girls that aren't mormon, but it makes things more comfortable when you know that they have your same standards. Being really cute just sweetens the deal. smile.

so sweet. (from a mom's point of view)

they all went out to eat at an Italian restaurant off base, to the dance, and then to an all night 50's type diner after for breakfast. They had fun.

So there you have it. More to come.


Amie said...

Wow, what a great update! So amazing for Jacob to have this opportunity...he is a star!

Tiffani said...

Love the football update (since we've become a football family)and it is so great Jacob is having this chance at so many positions. I also love the dance pics with his gorgeous date (and modest dress...thank you very much!) What great experiences your family is having!

Natalie said...

I cannot get enough of those pictures of Jacob and Ammon together! They are just the sweetest boys! Brings tears to my eyes and melts my heart... LOVE IT!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

jacob....with a date...gasp....where has the time gone????? he is handsome and she is beautiful...a perfect match!!!! ;) i'm laughing at the last picture...where the guys'hand is...on the left..on the red satin hip....yikes!!! i'll never leave another comment if you don't call me....:)
ciao ciao!!!!

GRodenberg said...

love the update and pics- a junior???? no!

maia said...

you must just walk around with your camera around your neck from the time you wake up til you go to sleep at night :) i love that you document life with your loved ones with such touching and relevant photos. and i bet when they grow up and look through all of this, they will so appreciate it. ps is there anything you can't do???? :)