Friday, July 2, 2010

ammon 8 months, almost

For a few days ammon was sick and miserable, and consequently, so were we. We are so not used to a fussy unhappy baby. It was awful. I know you feel really bad for me right? ha. I kept thinking, maybe he is just teething. Then I realized that this has happened three times in a row on the three trips that I took with him. By the end of the trip he has a fever, vomiting, and isn't sleeping well. You know what that means? I seriously changed my plans for the rest of the summer.

I am happy to report that ammon is back to his usual and happy self! (me too). Routine is a wonderful thing (within reason, ha). He is really loving these teething biscuits that I got him, and happily chomps, and slobbers away on them. We have all rekindled our love affair with this little ray of light in our lives.

He is also back to being my workout partner.

And back to hangin out with dave. I was loving how they were playing together the other day.

I love how he tenderly touches peoples face to connect with them. It is so sweet.

oh, he caught me taking pictures.

but was distracted by someone he really really loves.

i love this super happy excited face he gets when he sees someone in his family.
Like jacob for instance.

We love our happy slobbery boy.


GRodenberg said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh i'm ammon-sick today!

Anonymous said...

is he REALLY 8 months already??????
too cute!!!!!
ciao ciao!