Monday, July 5, 2010

workshops for photographers

People ask if I mentor. Of course I don't. Do you really think I am organized enough to do anything of the sort? ha. In fact, I am for the most part closing shop as far as photography goes. I've moved on to other things for now. Really soaking up every minute with my children, who are growing up way too fast. And I am loving doing my essential oils business. Ooh, they are so delightful and wonderful. And other random little things, like moving to Korea. So, now it is just for me, if I want to, and for a creative outlet. Perfect, right?

But, here are the recommendations that I give when asked. Number one, learn adobe photoshop first. Take a course at a local community college to get the basics. Two, suck it up, and spend the big bucks to go to a really good workshop. You will learn and grow as a photographer in a huge huge way. That is if you are really serious about making a living, or being a professional quality photographer.

My suggestions for workshops. Pick a photographer that you are drawn to their work, and you admire them as an artist, or their style of doing things. Don't go in with the mindset to just copy them, but to learn and then incorporate it into who you are as an artist. Usually the big names travel around so I happened to hit two that i liked both in San Diego. First was Brianna Graham. Boy, was that a humbling experience, but I put on my big girl face, pumped up my confidence and really pushed myself. It was great. Next, which I highly highly recommend is the "love affair workshop". The next one is in September in Texas I believe. Why I love this one is because it is like four workshops in one. You have four amazing business women with different strengths and talents to pull from. They put on a pretty amazing workshop. You get one on one mentoring as well, which is great! For lots of good info anytime check out Davina Fear's blog she regularly interviews photographers and they give great advice. There are more then 70 on her side bar to peruse. Great info. Also, she has wonderful kits for your business at a reasonable price. Millie Holloman, has a great organizational kit called "get it together" i believe. I am hopeless though. I would need to hire help to truly get it together. Maybe I would just have them follow the program. ha.

The picture above they had on the love affair workshop website. I realized that this is a picture from the workshop that i went to. I am so famous. ha ha. I am on the back row, second to last on the right.

The last workshop I was signed up for and had to cancel was the Kevin Kubota one that they do every year up in Oregon. i was bummed. Maybe some day.

There are others like Amanda Lyon, and lots of people in Utah of course, the photographer capital of the world. smile.

So, I hope this helps.


Jonathan said...

Thank you for that solid advice. This post is an answer to a question that I have been working on for quite some time now.

Jonathan said...

Oh one more thing. Your work has inspired and brought joy to so many. Buona fortuna con la vostra vita nel Korea. In boca lupo.

Jon Hallstrom