Wednesday, June 30, 2010

today is little miss mary's 12th birthday.

Miss Mary is her nick name, or becca mary. Rebecca's middle name is Mary, and for some reason that is what we called her when she was little. It is now used as a term of endearment. WE really love our mary. Something magical happens to a little girl when she turns twelve. All of a sudden they aren't a little girl anymore. She is really blossoming into a young woman. Isn't that such a mom thing to say. ha ha. She is at girl's camp today. Her first time going and is having the time of her life. I know because Shawn Haught was nice enough to call me on his cell phone and let me talk to her, and wish her happy birthday. That is probably totally against the rules, and now i have ratted him out, and he will be released from the high council at church. ha ha.
she is such a cutie patootie.

I am really missing her and rachel. I was really sad yesterday when they left. I realized how much happiness and brightness they bring to my day. They are my biggest supporters. Always giving me hugs and telling me they love me all day. They are the first to comment on my hair and make-up and tell me it looks so good. They are both so loving and wonderful. Yes, i know i am lucky in the teenager dept. real lucky. I'm just mad at them now because they made me promise to not go and see "eclipse" without them. So, I have to wait until saturday night, so we can experience the wonderfulness for the first time together. Because I am sure we will see it many times. ha.

So Happy birthday my mary. You light up our lives (when you aren't being too bossy. hee hee). I love you so so so so much!!!! -love, mom
p.s. all pictures are from when we were in tahoe. Gorgeous right? I wish you could smell the air too.


ABlack said...

June 30th is a busy day for birthdays, it is my sisters, Brittons and my nieces bdays as well! Happy Day to Miss Mary!

Leslie said...

she is gorgeous. i love her. and all you guys. are you really leaving the country? are you coming to socal before you go?

GRodenberg said...

did they have fun? did you all like eclipse? jacob's muscles? i'm just sayin...