Wednesday, July 28, 2010

miss you rodeys!

my sister Gloria, husband Mike, and five kids came and stayed with us in June. A huge treat, since it is a 24 hour car ride away. ouch. We had so much fun. We love you guys!!

(only ammon is missing in these pics)

Dallen, Landon, and Lizzie were throwing stuffed animals back and forth, and ammon was hysterical laughing. Why is a baby's laugh the most wonderful sound on earth? When we were in oregon for dave's family reunion, and swimming in the hotel pool, Lizzie had ammon laughing so hard with her goofy faces. The whole pool area couldn't help but watch and smile. It was an amazing thing. Seriously, you absolutely can't not smile when a baby is laughing with all their sweet innocent soul.

Rachel and Kennedy are only two weeks apart in age. Both the oldest daughter in their family. Both a tad on the dramatic side. They have always been close.
I took a ton of funny pictures of them together being silly. Those two apples didn't fall far from the tree. glor and i couldn't resist being silly too.
some engagement pics. smile.

suck it in mamas.
Gloria and I have been through a lot together. We always shared a room growing up. When she needed a bra, I broached the subject to mom. I supported her having to blaze the way as the oldest daughter. She did everything first and then was there for me to do the same. From trying out for cheerleader. She helped me make up my routines, and critiqued me endlessly. Applying for college. I had no clue what to do and she helped me every step of the way. Preparing for a mission, she was up til late the night before I entered the MTC (missionary training center) sewing skirts, and helping me pack. I hate to admit , but she even snuck in the night before I left for Italy with her old missionary tag to again help me pack and encourage me. She watched out for Dave while I was on my mission, and was there on my wedding day driving us to the temple, telling us funny stories about how nervous her and Mike were on their wedding day (they couldn't find Mike in the temple, and the temple president had to find him and talk with him. classic) , so we wouldn't feel so nervous. She was who i called every day begging for help, comfort, and answers to how long this whole morning sickness thing lasts. She was there when i realized that marriage is stinkin' hard. I was so shocked that Dave would even get mad at me. Yes, my friends, I was a bit idealist. Every step of the way, she has led the way, and helped me laugh through the good and the trying. I really couldn't ask for a better sister, and I appreciate her so much.
So glor, remember how when you moved to Japan we moved there too so we could live by each other? Wasn't that nice of us? I'm just sayin'.

p.s. poor dave and mike i didn't get a photo shoot of them together. Wouldn't that have been special. smile.

pps. Dave flew out yesterday for Korea. I was so sad. and yes, i called gloria, and we laughed until late in the night.


Courtney said...

You are so lucky to have such a great sister!

Dahlene said...

How nice to have such a great sister! I have an awesome sister too~

Teri said...

heather you are so cute!! that last pic just made me laugh:) cant believe your leaving so soon!!! I bet you have a lot to do..hey if you need a sitter we can watch the little guy:) I always want to steal him when I see those chubby cheeks!!!

GRodenberg said...

ahhh you made me cry. I love you too! thanks for always keeping me on course! I don't know about moving there, but I'll definitely come when you need me. I'm just may need me SOON

Anonymous said...

what a sweet post about gloria! she is awesome--isn't she? what a bunch of cute kids too!!!!
ciao ciao!