Monday, December 1, 2008

Home from Utah

Here are a few of my favorites of the pictures I took of my sister Kelly and family.

This is the real McCaleb family though.

One from my brother's family shoot.
Sorry, no more time to edit guys. I need to get all of the luggage that is dumped in my living room put away before my violin student comes.

Love you, and miss you already! Thanks for a great time, great food, and many trips to see Twilight. ooooohhh I love that movie. Well, mostly just Edward. smile.


pakosta said...

oh my goodness gracious!
that one of them in the bed is magnificent!!! and kelly looks so pretty in all of these, i better NOT EVER see that girl write that she is fat or needs to lose weight ever agaiN! her family is STUNNING!!!!
and your photos just keep getting bETTER! LOVE THEM ALL!

kelly said...

haha, tara that's because heather knows how to liquify!!

they are PERFECT!

Anonymous said...

these photo shoots are beautiful!!!! i love kelly's little girl's outfit and beret?/hat. SO cute!!! i also love the photo of brett's kids. your nieces and nephews are edible!!! :) i didn't know you went to utah for thanksgiving??? we need to catch up one of these days. not that i have anything too exciting to say.... how come a lot of your photos don't appear on your blog. they just say that you moved or deleted the photo--in blue and white??? ciao ciao!
la tua nunzia xoxo