Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Feeling overwhelmed? me too.

When your head is full of too many things swimming around and around it is time for a "brain dump." A new term that I learned at the "Love affair workshop" that I attended. Here's how it is done.
  1. Write it all down, and I mean everything. Every little errand you need to do to lifetime goals that you want to accomplish. This may take hours the first time that you do it.

  2. After you have pages and pages and pages...take it to the computer and type it all in.

  3. Next, break it down by labeling each item as follows. a) To do Now. b) next 90 days c) within a year or d) in 3-5 years.

  4. Now we are getting somewhere. You can than focus on what you need to get done first, and than plan and schedule out the rest. You should than have a brain dump every 90 days.

I really need to do this tomorrow. I'll go ahead and finally unpack and start on the laundry since I am pretty sure that will be a "To do now" item. At least my downstairs is clean since I had a baby shower at my house today for Jenn! Yeah, she is having a boy after having four girls! Although, I am seriously regretting keeping some of the leftover cake. It is one of my all time favorite desserts. Or maybe it just went higher on the list since I am dieting. ha. That will be on my "To do Now" list as well tomorrow...take it to someone else. Any takers? I will post the recipe. It really is so unbelievably good.


Anonymous said...

could you please fed ex that to me? or better yet, i would like it hand delivered by you!!!! (don't forget your camera)
ciao ciao!!!!

Syndi said...

Your Awesome, love your latest pic's and blogging :) I need photo's :(