Saturday, December 20, 2008

are you ready for this? it's long, you might want to get a drink first.

Here is Brooke, nervously calling her fiance and letting him know where to meet her for their "first look." They decided to take their pictures a month before the big day, so they have lots of relaxed time together and than the pictures for their reception. I have actually done this with the last few weddings I have shot, and I LOVE IT!! I would highly recommend this for every couple. The images are always plentiful and amazing. Let me just show you.
Here she is in place waiting for him to come around the corner. Oh, the anticipation.

At last!

All the nervousness is gone now, and replaced by sheer joy and contentment.

Isn't the almost kiss just so so so, how should I say?.......HOT?!!!!!!!

Brooke has a five year old little girl with Downs syndrome and she is so adorable, and sassy. Brooke wanted to get some pictures with her as well. Brooke just lights up when she is with her! It was so amazing to see her love for her daughter. I've never seen anything quite like it. You can she has been her whole world for five years. How beautiful to see the beginning of this new little family. What a privilege.

She had seen her mom kissing and kissing, and wanted in on some of the action. Such passion! I was cracking up!

Who wouldn't want something that looks as wonderful as this, I ask you?
I need to go find DAve (smile).

Now that they were comfortable with me, I wanted them to really turn up the heat. This is the reaction I got from Brooke (below).....she was happy to oblige.

Now that's what I'm talkin' about! This is one of my all time favorite pictures.

Can't decide which one I like best of these two. What do you think?

All that kissing is hard work! ha.

I think this one is so cute. Well, it was starting to get dark, and they were out working on the Christmas lights. We decided to stay and get some fun ones with the lights on.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the show! Is your drink gone? My hot chocolate is gone.
Which by the way, I got one of those hot chocolate machines that makes it all frothy. Yes, it was worth it. A little early Christmas present for myself. smile. I even bought some whipped cream to put on top. Delish.
Back to Brooke. Her wedding is Dec. 31st, and my sister Kelly will be here. I am making her come and second shoot with me. It'll be fun.
I took pictures of the sweetest family over the weekend. Wait until you see their kids' eyes. You could get lost in them! exciting. I get to take pictures of Jenn's newborn little man, Taft on Monday. Than the extended Kidd family after Christmas. Just so you all know, I will not be doing any editing until after the holidays are over. You know you are running around like a crazy woman when your 10 year old daughter says to you, "You need a vacation. You need to go to Hawaii for a few days." ha ha. I totally agree.
Off to bed, it is almost 2:30 a.m. That is so against my rules to stay up this late. I keep breaking it lately. This is the last night I promise. Good thing church doesn't start until noon tomorrow.


Nancy Mitchell Photography said...

These pics are amazing. I love them all. So sweet that her daughter was in awww about her mom! Well taken photos. Great work again, HIP:)

GRodenberg said...

WOW. no other words express. I'm sure they are deliriously happy with them. How did you get above them when they were dancing- love it!!!!

kelly said...


Anonymous said...

LOVE 'EM!!!!!!!

Kelly said...

Heather you are so talented. The wedding pics and the one of Taft are amazing. I love that you share your work!

Stacy said...

Have you ever thought of teaching a photography class? your work is AMAZING and you have such passion.
Although it sounds like your life is busy enough without doing so.
But if you ever did I would definitely be interested!

Kristen said...

Heather, I stumbled across your blog, (you know, the blog stalking thing!) and have been following now for a while. You do such beautiful work! Have to say though, these are absolutely incredible! Lucky you, they are a beautiful family, but sheesh you've done an amazing job! I love to see your talent. Keep it up, can't wait to see more!

Syndi said...

OMG, These were amazing, what a story you have captured, like a fairy tale, they are so lucky to have you, to tell their story---Awesome!! The lights at the end, Magicial----

Mandee said...


Her little girl is daarling. And I want her dress.

Brandis said...

Hi. :) I was one of Brooke's bridesmaids and I just have to say that you are awesome. You did a great job of capturing Brooke & Dan's personalities in these pictures and I can't WAIT to see the ones from the wedding!!