Saturday, March 24, 2012

an apple butterfly.

I always cut ammon's sandwiches into two or four triangles and angle them
so they make butterflies. So when I gave ammon cut up apples the other day he
said, "Mom, look! a butterfly."
I am so glad that I am with this precious little boy all day long, and
can soak up all of his sweet goodness.
(look at his sweet little hands. I could just eat him up!)

sweet face too.
Then he ate that butterfly.

Only one wing left. ha.

Ammon is talking so much you wouldn't believe it, and every word out of his
mouth is so sweet. He is a good natured soul, like his brother.
Happy all the time.
For a long time he said to everything, "Why not?" in the sweetest way, and then I would
explain why not, and he would reply, "ok, fine" in a teenage intonation but with the
sweetness of a child. You really can just explain things to him and he gets it.
Jacob was like that too.

You can't see it, but the shirt he is wearing says,
"Mom like me best." I got it for him to tease the other kids.
They don't even care because we all like him best!
If he is asleep when an older kid gets home they want to wake him up because
they miss him. He is that kind of kid.
We are so blessed.

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