Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summertime means pedicures. YES!

It's finally summer, and time for flip flops and cute sandals.
Which means we girls need to have pretty feet.

This was the first time I had ever gone with Rachel and Rebecca to have pedicures
(we even splurged for a manicure too), and it was
so much fun! How fun to have your daughters be your best friends.

(and btw, doesn't my arm look really skinny in the picture above? It's not of course.
It is just the shadowing of the picture, but a girl can dream. If you didn't know, i am self conscious about my upper arms. I told my friend today, "forget breast implants, I would totally
have surgery to have my arms looked chiseled. Alas, I am cursed with drumstick arms.
Really, of course I am just thankful to have healthy working arms. of course)

I love this picture above. It was so fun to just see them talking and laughing together.
I have drummed into my girls heads from the time that they were little, how precious
your sisters are. When they are angry with each other, I always say, "Who are my best friends?"
To which they reply in unison, "your sisters."
They know the speech. Your sisters will always be there for you.
Friends may come and go, but your sisters will always have your back.
Whenever they have friend problems at school they always have their sisters to turn to
to tell them, "forget them, you are the coolest." and laugh until the hurt dies down.

Let me add though, that I have found friends that are truly sisters to me, and you know who you are. You better be reading my blog!!! smile.

Also, cousins count too!!

Doesn't Rachel look so old???? (as in 18, not old like me. smile)
She does turn 16 this year. Dating? She is really excited at the
prospect of someone else buying her food. oh, that girl.
It was the last day of school today!!!! Time to party!!!
Although we kind of been partying all week. I think Rebecca went to
school one day this week.
Don't worry they all have straight A's. Except Lizzie, who came in crying tonight to me because
she had a B in math and everyone else had all A's. She was wearing just a t-shirt
and dark sun glasses with tears coming down. Precious.
I told her, "Don't you dare cry over a B!" Especially when you are in 4th grade!
A "B" is amazing! I told her that I got a "D" in math my senior year, and look how
smart I am! ha ha. Again, my kids are just so much better than I ever was.
Thankful tonight.
Pretty much thankful every night.

We Read in the scriptures tonight how when people are prosperous and all is going well is when they forget God etc. After we read, I asked what they learned. Jacob said what I just wrote and then that we need afflictions to keep us remembering God." To which I replied, "NO WAY!" I intend to never forget all that my Heavenly Father does for me every day and live every day in gratitude and thanksgiving. I am so not interested in trials for the sake of making me remember him. I am always making deals with Heavenly Father, that I will do whatever he wants me to do every day, just don't give me anything too hard. I'll stay humble, I promise.

Ok, i mean it, i am going to bed now.


Anonymous said...

yes,i am faithfully reading your blog ;) (i am your sorella) your manicures and pedicures look like fun! our last day is today....mixed emotions! heavenly father must know that i need afflictions to stay on track which is why he gives me so many--six in particular....;)

nicole boice said...

i loved this post for so many reasons :)

ali said...

Rachel looks so grown up, like a woman! That's just weird to think that much time has passed since she was my new little beehive. Please tell her that I love her and still think of her! She's a beauty and an incredibly fun girl. I hope I can see her again someday :)

Another thing to tell your daughters when they fight is that some people (me for instance) aren't lucky enough to have sisters and wished their whole life for one. Always fun to go on a guilt trip, right?

emmy said...

am so addicted to your blog, it is refreshing n so inspiring. Am grateful for you n your family. enjoy the summer

Anonymous said...

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