Thursday, June 9, 2011

What a beautiful sight.

Moments like this give me hope that i'm doing ok.

Such a beautiful sight to come upon. Rebecca out on the balcony reading the scriptures.

It makes my heart sing.

Hold on to this moment mama.

PS-Rebecca turns 13 this month!! Crazy.


Dahlene said...

What a peaceful picture. You really know how to capture them on film. You are doing a great job raising your family Heather.

Anonymous said...

i think this photo was rigged!!! ;) how come you no call me??? when do you come to america?

Tessa Nelson said...

OH! You ARE doing something right there, good job!

Jennifer Pfaff said...

This picture totally made me cry, you definitely are doing lots of things right! (I never comment because I hardly know you, you just took our pictures once. :) Best pictures we've ever had done! btw) I love your blog and read it regularly! :)

Anonymous said...

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