Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Best YEar of My Life!

(Thailand in May)

As I came to the beginning of 2012, I naturally reflected back on 2011.
The first thought that came to my mind was,
"This was the best year of my life!"
It really took me by surprise! Why would that be my first thought?
What happened this year that would make me think that?
It's not that I haven't had other great years, pretty much every year i think is great.
I just realized that I haven't had one that is better.
HOW did that Happen (i asked myself)?

As I pondered that questioned, I realized that it had a lot to do with this.

Putting first things first made all the difference.
Especially reading the scriptures first thing every morning.
Specifically the Book of Mormon.
It changed my life.
After one month i was changed (see here)
Can you imagine a whole year of this?

I am happy, I am content. That is what striving to live the gospel
of Jesus Christ does for you.
It doesn't make life less of a challenge, only changes one's outlook.

No matter what, you see God's hand, and feel God's love
in your life. You get it, and that makes all the difference.

So my goals for 2012?
More of the same.
I want to forgive more freely, nourish my mind a bit more,
and love as much as possible. I feel anything is possible
with what I learned this year.

God is real. There is a purpose to making all these goals
and bettering ourselves. And there is joy in the journey.
I know for sure. I feel it every day.

If you aren't feeling it, I challenge you to take the time to be still,
and listen.
Deep down we all know it, sometimes we just forget.
We forget who we are, and how important we are.
How very valuable every one of us is to our Father in Heaven.

you are loved.
happy Valentines day!!!

ps-after looking at all of these pictures, i think i need to go and snuggle my valentine.
(and plan how to get back to thailand asap. smile.)


kathee said...

I just want to thank you for always being so inspiring to me. You are such a great example!

GRodenberg said...

amazing pics

Anonymous said...

You could submit this to the ensign! No wonder Barry calls you the prophetess! :) xoxo you're the best sorella!

Leslie said...

seriously, i know how beneficial scripture study and prayer can be. i just can't stick to it! i fall into lazy mode after only a few days and then wonder what my problem is. thanks for inspiring me to get going! but i actually think that it was the best year for you because you are spoiled and you get to go on all these crazy trips to the beach and the spa and stuff. i mean really, who travels as much as you? ha! lynnelle told me that she saw dave in the salt lake airport a couple of weeks ago! it made me miss you guys and want to see you too! love you! i am living vicariously through the amazing photos of the places that you go. thanks for sharing so much good stuff on your blog.