Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Sweet 16 Rachie Roo!

On November 27th, Rachel Margaret Ives turned 16.
We got back from our trip to JeJu the night before her birthday after midnight
(so technically her birthday).
I stayed up until 3am decorating her door, because that is a new tradition
that I started this year. I decorate the kids bedroom door with little
presents and treats for their birthday and they wake up to it as a surprise.
Now I can have the stress of Christmas on more than one night a year.
Wasn't that a good idea? ha ha.
Actually it is very fun and the kids love it.
For Rachel's I did 16 coupons. They were really good ones too!
My favorite one is
"good to win one (and only one) argument with mom."
For Rachel that is like the "golden ticket." ha.
Other good ones are 1)a sweet 16 photo shoot 2) a "get out of school free" card.
3) a girl trip into Seoul to shop 4) a trip to get cocoa at Starbucks together.
and 11 more! She was very happy.
A word about Rachel.
Her favorite thing is still to cozy up with a good book.
She isn't boy crazy, she is book crazy, and I am grateful for that.
She loves this little boy more every day.
People always think she is a teenage mom and Ammon her son.
He really does look more like Rachel than me.
But he still loves me best. smile. (sorry rachel).
She really enjoys cheer leading still.
and she is still doing crazy weird things like this.
C'mon what teenage girl climbs in her brother's crib to read him books.
She is still a crazy little girl at heart.
Her hair is really really beautiful.

She still is obsessed with getting all A pluses in school.
I don't remember ever caring as much as she does.
She is an amazing student.
She is taking piano and i wish she felt as intensely about piano as school.
It is so easy for her and what she can accomplish with such little effort.
It's not fair.

She loves her daddy very much, and cried after she read his birthday
letter to her about how proud he is that she is his daughter.
She really needs his approval, and his discipline.
Last night she was cleaning the whole kitchen spotless and I knew it was because
Dave had gotten really mad at her. She will do anything to get rid of that feeling.
She absolutely cannot take him being disappointed in her.
She will get more and more ornery until Dave really lights into her,
and then it is like it pushes her restart button and she is an angel again.
She has been that way since she was 2.

Rachel is still fiercely independent and an old soul.
God has big plans for her. She is going to be a busy girl.
Which is just how she likes it.

Happy Birthday Rachel. We love you very much.


Amie said...

Aww, what a sweetie she is. So grown up. I love your door decorating idea, and wow, what great coupons she got!! Happy birthday Rachel! We miss you in AZ!

ali said...

Happy Birthday Rachel!! I love this girl. I wish I could know her as a 16 yr old :)

What a great idea with the decorated door and the coupons! I'll have to remember that when my kiddos get a little older.

Teri said...

awesome!! she is beautiful:) I love decorating my kids doors... every year its something new:) but I agree, it can be a little stressful... especially when you're all cozied up in bed after a long day and you remember "wait I forgot to decorate that door!!" than have to jump up and get it done..Ive done that! ha... but my kids love it, and I know your will too!!

kelly mccaleb said...

LOve you Rachie!!! Happy Birthday. Wish you were closer. Ps- I have a picture of her cozying cate in cate's crib too.