Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jacob- using his head

So, I haven't blogged in a while because we went on a trip, and then I want to blog about that trip when I get home. But i am so overwhelmed by the 1500 pictures that i took that i put it off, and then i get all blogged up. (ha ha, aren't i funny. ok no.) anyway, we went on a trip all over korea over spring break, but i will have to break it up, so it is soccer for now my friends.

I have been telling jacob to go out for soccer since it began because I knew he would love it, and again great opportunity to learn a new sport. Especially since they have the greatest coach. But.......he was tired from basketball, wanted to weight train with the football coach who is wanting him to train to be the quarterback next year, and the biggest reason of all "Anxiety." Unfortunately, Jacob inherited my anxiety. But luckily, I think he is the only one. I lied, Leah can muster up a pretty good panic. Anyway, I knew he was just too scared that he wouldn't do well. I mean he hasn't played since he was probably 9, and i am sure he didn't want to embarrass himself.

Anyway, he rested up, and weight trained a little, but went to all the soccer games. Every time he would come home itching to play. To which i would again try to convince him to go and talk to the coach about starting. FINALLY, if you can believe this, the athletic coordinator for the school came to Jacob and invited him to play on the team. What a compliment!
Even more anxiety ensued.

But I know Jacob, he is fine the minute he starts playing or doing something new. Let me tell you of when jacob played soccer on a team for the first time. He was 7, and couldn't sleep he was so excited for his first practice. It is all he talked about. The day finally arrived, he has his new cleats laced up and ready to go. We drive there and are in the parking lot, and he freaks out. Won't get out of the car etc. etc. I finally drag him out there (lots of other parents giving me the bad parent look), I dragged him on to the field, stood with him in the line of kids until it was his turn to kick the ball into the goal, then I physically took his leg and made it kick the ball in. The other parents are really giving me the "over the top, pushing your kid, crazy mom" looks. I was redeemed though when after that Jacob was totally fine, and played his heart out. That is what he is known for you know, and why every coach loves him. He plays his heart out. He works super hard, and is a team player.

So now at 16, i didn't need to go and hold his leg for that first kick, but it took a month of working on him, easing all his worries, and then of course forcing him in the end. Ridiculous. But i totally get it.

So here he is on his first game, after only a few practices. We were so nervous for him. He has no idea what he is doing, but like i said he has heart, and works so hard. The coach played him the whole game. And has every game since.

See Jacob, i told you you would do just fine. As always, i am right. smile.
So proud of you!
(and in that first picture it is jacob that hit the ball with his head)

At a key point in the game when they were doing a kick into the goal (sorry, i am soccer illiterate, but i am learning, like jacob. ha) we look down and there is Lizzie with her friend Kayla by the goal, rolling around doing steamroller. We were dying laughing. It seemed rather odd.
oh, and maybe the kick wasn't so important, it looks like the ref is texting or something. ha ha.

There's my boy, right in the middle, the only blonde.

It is so cute, at the end of the game they line up and bow and say thank you to everyone who came to support them. It's tradition (ever after voice).
Ives in Korean. at least i think it is. Maybe it says foreigner. ha ha

and oh yah, look who got her braces off that day!


heather said...

ok you didn't have to force me like that to do it you crazy! and why did you put a the picture were im hitting my own team! But on the plus side, i got way higher than him :)

Teri said...

love the pics!! The jersy is awesome.. hope you are saving those for a t shirt quilt??!!!! So cool!!

My name is Lexi said...

The Korean on the back looks so cool!

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GRodenberg said...

how did Rusie get a retainer that doesn't show? Kennedy's has the metal in front to hold on the fake teeth-cool!