Friday, September 18, 2009

Lake Powell '09

I have always wanted to go to Lake Powell. Everyone is always talking about how amazing it is, and that it is their favorite place on earth. Thanks to the generosity of our wonderful friends, we got to experience the infamous Lake Powell. We were not disappointed. Here are some of our first glimpses as we pulled out of the docks and hit open water. I'll never forget the wind blowing on my face and the peacefulness of this beautiful place. Here is our fearless captain, Brent. Wow it is a lot of work to get everything ready and running smoothly all the time. I appreciated so much how much time Brent put in to make this a fabulous trip for everyone. Thanks skipper. Dave was in total heaven. He kept saying to me that it made him want to be shanghaied and sail the 7 seas (dreaming of being a pirate again). I explained to him that being shanghied and put to work chained up wasn't quite the same as this experience filled with boating, jet skiing, playing and eating to his heart's content and then a long nap. Ha. DAve just really enjoyed the whole work aspect of it. Tying ropes down, securing the brig (i don't know what that means exactly), swabbing the deck etc. You know pirates work.

classic paige.

Some of the kids rode next to the houseboat on the jet skis. Pure heaven for them. Dave and Brent took the ski boat out earlier that morning to find and save a good spot. They did a great job.

The jet skiers got there first.

We were in the perfect cove. Lots of great beach, calm water, rocks to climb and explore. The kids got busy.

I set up camp as well. I was either here or in the water the whole time. Which was great by me.

Others took off on the boat.

The girls were busy making sand chairs.

(i couldn't resist putting this picture on. Sorry Leah)

The finished project.

I couldn't get over how soft and squishy the sand was. The kids just loved to throw it at each other.

Welcome back!
Blake and Wyatt.


Jacob, Rachel, and Ashley. These guys went non stop all day. They would take out the jet skis on their own and wake board, and do the tube. I can't imagine there is a better feeling of freedom than that for a teenager. Besides that they played games, watched movies, and ate tons of junk food.

I think my favorite part of the trip was just watching the three grown men get to act like teenage boys again. Hanging out and laughing together, planning crazy new stunts to do. To hear them be able to just let go and laugh was wonderful. You know, Dad's work really hard and always have to be the responsible ones. They did plenty of dangerously stupid things this trip to feel young again. ha. For instance.....

sliding down steep cliff faces on knee boards. They responsibly wore flippers to protect their feet. ha ha. They had names for all the runs with different levels of difficulty. The easiest being "cupcake" and they hardest "T-REx."

Watching Lizzie fly around like a wet noodle on the tube was a highlight. This girl has no fear

Jacob was very upset that I wasn't able to be his personal photographer on the trip and capture all of his wake boarding, skiing, knee boarding, tubing, cliff jumping. I really couldn't go with everyone most of the time. I really regret especially not seeing and photographing the cliff jumping and the slot canyon hike that they went on. Lizzie became known as the dare devil. She was jumping off 35 ft. cliffs over and over. She wanted to go higher and Dave wouldn't let her. She did everything without hesitation and did it over and over. Who would have thought that my 7 yr. old is an adrenaline junkie.

A trip to the famous sand slide.

Everyone up at the top.

and running down.

Melanie, Megan and I were telling our husbands to keep their eyes focused on us with all of the young girls with bikinis and augmented bodies around. It wasn't hard for Dave. I mean, look what i have to offer. And it is all real baby!!! ha ha.

He couldn't resist of course. Although this move almost put me into labor. ha ha.

How special are Melanie and Jeff?

and Megaen and Brent.

On the way back a little jump.

Jeff being very dramatic. ha.
Is this scout camp?

Then there was the "swing of dreams" that the guys rigged up. Although it turned out to be a nightmare for the middle aged bodies the next day. ha ha.

Brent doing the frog dive. ha ha.

and lizzie. Who went so many times, i don't know how her little arms could stand it. This girl is so strong though she doesn't look it. You should see her do push ups.

Ahhhhhhh, sunday has arrived. After church it's nap time. It was cool to see that not many boats were out on sunday and lots of people leaving the docks in church clothes.
Church was actually one of the best things about going to Lake Powell. The congregation was mostly Navajo Indian. What a special people they are. It was the sunday where the whole meeting is devoted to the sharing of personal testimony. Anyone can come up. I will never forget this little navajo old man getting up and than being surprised by his large voice, presence, and spirit. His testimony was so powerful. I felt the Holy Ghost so strongly and knew that what he spoke was true, as he testified of the Savior and his restored gospel through the prophet Joseph Smith. Each testimony after was just as beautiful. Even visitors were moved to get up, mostly recent converts. Their happiness at having found this church and how their lives were changed made me feel so motivated to be more actively sharing what i know to be true and the happiness it brings me. -it was wonderful to be there. so grateful.

The rest of the afternoon the kids played games.

And I had a lot of fun conducting "interviews" with the kids. I would take one kid and ask all about them. Kids love this. Give it a try. I like to video tape my kids when we are at home. everyone loves to feel special and that what they think and feel are important. Even Jacob was asking for one. I was trying to get to know the other kids better and mine just got too jealous. Maybe with their permission I will share some of the info I learned about them. smile. another post.

i love this little guy (Blake wellman).

We went on a sunset boat ride that night and it was so beautiful but the pictures were just too dark to do it justice.

Playing "Quelf" (a funny board game) Brent had to make snorkel gear out of household items and wear it the whole game. The adults had big plans to play board games every night, but we were so dang tired by 9pm we just passed out! ha. We did manage to one night.
So that's it. No more pictures. My body gave into heat and exhaustion the last couple of days and i went to the emergency room on the last morning. My cough came back really bad and I felt like i couldn't breathe. Aren't I fun?! I felt bad that i couldn't be myself, but such is life.
A big thanks to the Martineaus, our gracious hosts. Dave said on the way home that it was his favorite vacation he had ever been on!


Teri said...

that looks so fun! I have never been on a vacation like that.. it looks amazing!!!!

Kayli said...

Wow---every last picture is sensational!!! Clearly you had an unforgettable time!

~lori said...

wow - this place looks amazing! what a treat to get to go there - seems like utopia.

Tessa Nelson said...

Thank you so much for shareing all those pictures! I love blogs full of pictures!!! I love to hear that you, such a beautiful family, love the LORD so much. Love you guys... and don't even know you:-D

GRodenberg said...

ohhhhhhhhhh so jealous. You are right, that would be my perfect fun vacation. Your arms are so skinny- you must be all baby!

Amie said...

Awesome! What great memories you made! (And I hope you're OK?)

Melanie said...

Thanks for all the pictures! I'm glad one of us remembered a camera! Now send me that picture of me and jeff ... you know the one...

Anonymous said...

you always crack me up with your funny words!!!! loved seeing all of the pictures! looks like you had a blast. one of the families looked familiar. i believe you had a photo shoot with them... thanks for sharing!!!
ps go to sheenajibson photography. i think you'll like her.
hang in there! nov. 7th isn't too far away. :)

Leslie said...

We didn't go to Lake Powell this year because I was such a wimp and didn't want to travel and boat being pregnant and all. Man you are brave! Your photos make me excited for next year though. It is such a beautiful place! Lance is in heaven just like Dave. Ummmm, maybe you didn't know that cliff jumping is illegal. What a bunch of rebels!

Kendra said...

Heather! I love all the pictures! We went to Lake Powell when I was pregnant with Jacob. I was still in the nauseous phase too. good times! I'd love to go back, sans kids. Mine are too little to be able to relax. My parents go a couple times each year with some very generous friends, and my dad feels the same way Dave does. BEST vacation ever! Nothing to do but relax!

Anonymous said...

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